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DescriptionShow Description    

The Addams FamilyThe Addams Family premiered on September 8, 1973.

Voice Cast    
Gomez Addams
Lennie Weinrib
Morticia Addams
Janet Waldo
Uncle Fester
Jackie Coogan
Ted Cassidy
Wednesday Addams
Cindy Henderson
Pugsley Addams
Jodie Foster
Grandmama Addams
Janet Waldo
Season 1 (1973-1974)
(16 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Addams Family In New York (Original Air Date 9/8/1973)
  2. Follow That Loaf Of Bread (Original Air Date 9/15/1973)
  3. Left In The Lurch (Original Air Date 9/22/1973)
  4. Boola Boola (Original Air Date 9/29/1973)
  5. The Fastest Creepy Camper In The West (Original Air Date 10/6/1973)
  6. The Mardi Gras Story (Original Air Date 10/13/1973)
  7. Aloha Hoolamagoola (Original Air Date 10/20/1973)
  8. The Reluctant Astronauts - Trip To The Moon (Original Air Date 10/27/1973)
  9. The Great Balloon Race (Original Air Date 11/3/1973)
  10. The Circus Story (Original Air Date 11/10/1973)
  11. Ghost Town (Original Air Date 11/17/1973)
  12. The Addams Family At Sea (Original Air Date 11/24/1973)
  13. The Voodoo Story (Original Air Date 12/1/1973)
  14. The Roller Derby Story (Original Air Date 12/8/1973)
  15. The Addams Go West (Original Air Date 12/15/1973)
  16. The Addams Family At The Kentucky Derby (Original Air Date 12/22/1973)
Theatrical Films    
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