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The Amazing World Of Gumball EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The DVD
    Gumball tries to avoid a fee after accidentally destroying a rented DVD.

  • The Responsible
    Gumball babysits his sister.

  • The Third
    Gumball and Darwin add a new best friend to their group.

  • The Debt
    Gumball tries to save Mr. Robinson during a talent show.

  • The End
    Gumball wears a dress to school and finds himself more popular than ever.

  • The Dress
    Gumball babysits his sister.

  • The Quest
    Anais must save her doll from Tina Rex.

  • The Spoon
    Gumball and Darwin are caught up in a robbery at a gas station.

  • The Pressure
    A girl wants to kiss Darwin, so Gumball steps in to save him.

  • The Painting
    The principal meddles in Gumball's family life.

  • The Laziest
    Darwin, Gumball and Dad face off in a laziness competition.

  • The Ghost
    A ghost takes advantage of Gumball, forcing him to learn to stand up for himself.

  • The Mystery
    Gumball tackles the mystery of who shoved Principal Brown in a locker.

  • The Prank
    Gumball and Darwin's pranks on Dad get out of hand.

  • The GI
    Gumball and Darwin are ridiculed for their martial-arts costumes by their schoolmates.

  • The Kiss
    Gumball must overcome his fear of kiss Grandma JoJo on the cheek.

  • The Party
    The guys need to find dates for a high-school party.

  • The Refund
    Gumball and Darwin try to get their money back for a video game.

  • The Robot
    Bobert plots to assume Gumball's identity.

  • The Picnic
    A school picnic in the Forest of Doom poses a hazard for Gumball and Darwin.

  • The Goons
    Gumball competes in a race in order to win Dad back.

  • The Secret
    Darwin has a secret that Gumball obsessively tries to uncover.

  • The Sock
    Gumball and Darwin learn about honesty from the school counselor.

  • The Genius
    Darwin goes to an institute for geniuses.

  • The Poltergeist
    The guys save Mr. Robinson's marriage after providing him with a home.

  • The Mustache
    Gumball and Darwin become men.

  • The Date
    Gumball learns about dating.

  • The Club
    A club plots revenge on Gumball.

  • The Wand
    The guys share the power of magic with Dad.

  • The Ape
    Ms. Simian cozies up to Gumball in order to win an award.

  • The Car
    The guys wreck Mr. Robinson's car by accident.

  • The Curse
    A run of bad luck befalls Gumball.

  • The Microwave
    The guys accidentally create a monster with a taste for the family.

  • The Meddler
    Mom visits a mortified Gumball at school.

  • The Helmet
    Gumball's tinfoil helmet causes strife at home.

  • The Fight
    Anais thinks Tina Rex is a bully.
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