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The Amazing World Of Gumball EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • The Kids
    Gumball and Darwin may be aging, but they are still just kids.

  • The Fan
    A new kid in school is Gumball and Darwin's number one fan.

  • The Coach
    Elmore High's new coach stands up to Jamie.

  • The Joy
    A Joy virus infects the school.

  • The Puppy
    The kids get a new pet who doesn't like them.

  • The Recipe
    Gumball and Darwin discover the secret behind their classmate Anton's immortality.

  • The Name
    When Gumball discovers his real name is Zach he starts acting like one.

  • The Extras
    It's a slow day for Gumball and Darwin, and the others in Elmore get to take center stage.

  • The Gripes
    Gumball and Darwin's complaining goes too far.

  • The Vacation
    The Wattersons' car breaks down on a road trip and they end up in one of their own scary stories.

  • The Fraud
    Principal Brown goes to great lengths to protect his secret.

  • The Void
    A classmate goes missing and Gumball and Darwin discover secrets about Elmore.

  • The Boss
    Rocky gets an office job to impress his father, but it's not what it seems.

  • The Move
    Gumball discovers the truth about Clayton's martial arts skills.

  • The Law
    Gumball and Darwin get a lesson in law.

  • The Allergy
    Darwin figures out he's allergic to stupidity, and the Wattersons must find a cure.

  • The Mothers
    The kids try to determine who has The World's Greatest Mom.

  • The Password
    After learning that Anais is Richard's favorite child, Gumball and Darwin are determined to take the title from her.

  • The Procrastinators
    The duo take extreme measures to avoid taking out the trash.

  • The Shell
    Penny's shell gets cracked and Gumball finds out who she really is.

  • The Burden
    The duo look after the school hamster.

  • The Bros
    Darwin is jealous of Gumball's relationship with Penny.

  • The Man
    Granny JoJo brings a guest to her birthday dinner.

  • The Pizza
    The Wattersons order a pizza, which upsets Larry.

  • The Lie
    A new holiday is invented to celebrate in January.

  • The Butterfly
    Gumball inadvertently puts the butterfly effect into motion throughout Elmore when he releases a butterfly from a jar.

  • The Oracle
    Gumball and Darwin contemplate the meaning of life.

  • The Safety
    Darwin becomes obsessed with safety after seeing a video in class.

  • The Saint
    Gumball and Darwin adopt Alan's positive attitude.

  • The Friend
    Anais makes up an imaginary friend.

  • The Society
    Gumball wants to join a secret society.

  • The Spoiler
    Gumball and Darwin try to avoid spoilers before seeing a movie.

  • The Countdown
    The duo face expulsion if they're late to school.

  • The Nobody
    The duo discover an uninvited house guest.
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