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The Amazing World Of Gumball EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • The Roots
    The family try to make Darwin connect with his fish roots.

  • The Blame
    Billy passes out after playing video games and his mother tries to ban them, forcing Gumball and Darwin to defend them.

  • The Slap
    Tobias offends Gumball when he doesn't slap him on the butt.

  • The Detective
    Anais's doll goes missing and she suspects Gumball and Darwin.

  • The Fury
    A strange figure arrives and insults Mom, but the kids are surprised when Mom doesn't fight back.

  • The Compilation
    Odd internet clips are recalled by the people of Elmore.

  • The Stories
    Molly gets coaching from the guys to improve her story telling.

  • The Disaster
    Rob gets new powers and tries to destroy Gumball's world.

  • Re-Run
    Gumball tries to stop Rob from ruining his life.

  • The Guy
    Anais gets a new friend, but the guys question his motives.

  • The Boredom
    Gumball and Darwin search for adventure around Elmore.

  • The Choices
    Nicole reminisces about how she met Richard during a family dinner.

  • The Vision
    The guys find evil plans on Alan's memory stick and try to stop him from carrying them out.

  • The Code
    The family go without wifi after Mr. Robinson changes the passcode, so Gumball tries to recover it.

  • The Scam
    Gumball tells a story about Gargaroth the Devourer during show and tell, but the class doesn't believe him until Carrie fakes a scary haunting.

  • The Test
    Gumball takes a personality test that labels him The Loser and he tries to shake the label.

  • The Slide
    The guys help Rocky find love on a dating app.

  • The Loophole
    The guys give Bobert rules, but he doesn't obey.

  • The Potato
    Darwin has lunch with Idaho, who stops eating potatoes to stand in solidarity with his brotato.

  • The Fuss
    The guys upset Nicole by forgetting her special day and try to make it up to her.

  • The Sorcerer
    Gumball wants superpowers and becomes an apprentice to Mrs. Jotunheim.

  • The Outside
    The gang visit Richard's dad, but his basic lifestyle confuses them and they assume he did time in the slammer.

  • The Vase
    The gang try to break a vase that belongs to Granny Jojo, but they find it tough to destroy.

  • The Matchmaker
    Gumball plays matchmaker and tries to set up Darwin with Teri.

  • The Box
    An unmarked package arrives and the gang try to guess what's in it.

  • The Console
    Elmore gets trapped in a game because of a cursed console and the gang try to save him.

  • The Ollie
    Darwin learns to skate with Gumball as his teacher.

  • The Catfish
    The guys create a friend for Grandpa Louie, but Granny Jojo thinks something else is going on.

  • The Cycle
    The gang help Dad after learning Mr. Wilson picks on him, but their efforts become a revenge plot against Mr. Wilson.

  • The Stars
    Dad gets a free haircut after writing a negative review of a barber, so Gumball and Darwin try the same tactic across town.

  • The Grades
    A return to kindergarten awaits Gumball after Miss Simian discovers a failed tes from his past.

  • The Diet
    Dad's diet goes awry and the guys try to help him lose weight.

  • The Ex
    Rob gets a new rival and Gumball feels jealous that he has moved on.

  • The Sorcerer
    Gumball wants superpowers and becomes an apprentice to Mrs. Jotunheim.

  • The Menu
    The guys search for the name of a mysterious burger that's part of the Secret Joyful Burger menu.

  • The Uncle
    Gumball learns about Ocho's uncle and thinks he's Super Mario, so he goes to extreme lengths to meet him.

  • The Weirdo
    The guys help Sussie try to be less weird after seeing she gets bullied.

  • The Heist
    Richard is mistaken for a bank robber after wearing a motorcycle helmet into a bank.
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