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DescriptionShow Description    

Hey Arnold!Hey Arnold! premiered on Nickelodeon in 1996. Arnold is a football-headed, untucked-shirted, city-living, stickball-playing kid toon star. Arnold lives in his grandparents' boarding house with a group of eccentric grown-ups who don't always get along. Together with his cool-as-ice best pal Gerald, tough-as-nails Helga - the girl who both hates and loves him - and the rest of the gang from the neighborhood, Arnold tackles life in the big city the best way a wise-beyond-his-years fourth-grader knows how.

Voice Cast    
Toran Caudell/Phillip Van Dyke/Spencer Klein
Harold Berman
Justin Shenkarow
Gerald Johanssen
Jamil Walker Smith
Helga G. Pataki
Francesca Smith
Dan Castellaneta
Voice Cast    

Season 1 (1996-1997)
(20 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Downtown As Fruits/Eugene's Bike
  2. The Little Pink Book/Field Trip
  3. Arnold's Hat/Stoop Kid
  4. Helga's Makeover/The Old Building
  5. 6th Grade Girls/The Baseball
  6. Heat/Snow
  7. Operation: Ruthless/The Vacant Lot
  8. The List/Haunted Train
  9. Mugged/Roughin' It
  10. Door 16/Arnold As Cupid
  11. Bench Warmer/Cool Jerk
  12. Das Subway/Wheezin' Ed
  13. Tutoring Torvald/Gerald Comes Over
  14. Spelling Bee/Pigeon Man
  15. Olga Comes Home/Salley's Comet
  16. Abner Come Home/The Sewer King
  17. False Alarm/World Records
  18. Magic Show/24 Hours To Live
  19. Arnold's Christmas
  20. Arnold's Valentine
Season 2 (1997-1998)
(20 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Save The Tree/New Teacher
  2. Helga's Love Potion/Gerald's Secret
  3. The Big Scoop/Harold's Kitty
  4. Longest Monday/Eugene's Pet
  5. Monkey Business/Big Caesar
  6. Ransom/Ms. Perfect
  7. Arnold Saves Sid/Hookey
  8. Freeze Frame/Phoebe Cheats
  9. Mud Bowl/Gerald Moves Out
  10. The High Life/Best Friends
  11. Arnold's Halloween
  12. Steely Phil/Quantity Time
  13. Eating Contest/Rhonda's Glasses
  14. Helga's Boyfriend/Crush On Teacher
  15. Hall Monitor/Harold's Bar Mitzvah
  16. Coach Wittenberg/Four-Eyed Jack
  17. Eugene Goes Bad/What's Opera, Arnold?
  18. Tour De Pond/Teachers Strike
  19. Part-Time Friends/Bio Square
  20. Runaway Float/Partners
Season 3 (1998-1999)
(18 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. Helga Blabs It All/Harold The Butcher
  2. Dangerous Lumber/Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
  3. Casa Paradiso/Gerald's Tonsils
  4. Arnold's Room/Helga vs Big Patty
  5. Stinky Goes Hollywood/Olga Gets Engaged
  6. Curly Snaps/Pre-Teen Scream
  7. Grandpa's Birthday/Road Trip
  8. Sid's Revenge/Roller Coaster
  9. The Aptitude Test/Oskar Gets A Job
  10. Arnold Betrays Iggy/Helga And The Nanny
  11. Career Day/Hey Harold!
  12. Best Man/Cool Party
  13. Arnold & Lila/Grand Prix
  14. Arnold's Thanksgiving
  15. Helga's Show/The Flood
  16. Phoebe Takes The Fall/The Pig War
  17. Crabby Author/Rich Kid
  18. Girl Trouble/School Dance
Season 4 (1999-2000)
(20 Episodes In Season 4)
  1. Friday The 13th/Headless Cabbie
  2. School Play
  3. Full Moon/Student Teacher
  4. Big Gino/Jamie O. In Love
  5. Eugene's Birthday/Stinky's Pumpkin
  6. Beeper Queen/Oskar Can't Read?
  7. Dinner For Four/Phoebe Skips
  8. Helga's Parrot/Chocolate Turtles
  9. Love And Cheese/Weighing Harold
  10. Back To School/Egg Story
  11. It Girl/Deconstructing Arnold
  12. Grudge Match/Polishing Rhonda
  13. Weird Cousin/Baby Oskar
  14. Grandpa's Sister/Synchronized Swimming
  15. Helga Sleepwalks/Fighting Families
  16. Veterans Day
  17. Helga's Masquerade/Mr. Green Runs
  18. Monkeyman/Buses, Bikes And Subways
  19. Helga On The Couch
  20. Dino Checks Out
Season 5 (2000-2001)
(22 Episodes In Season 5)
  1. Sid The Vampire Slayer/Big Sis
  2. Gerald's Game/Fishing Trip
  3. Bag Of Money/Principal Simmons
  4. New Bully On The Block/Phoebe Breaks A Leg
  5. Helga's Locket/Sid And Germs
  6. Suspended/Ernie In Love
  7. Parents Day
  8. Beach Story
  9. Stuck In A Tree/Rhonda Goes Broke
  10. Beaned/Iron Man
  11. Ghost Bride/Gerald Vs. Jamie O.
  12. Arnold Visits Arnie/Chocolate Boy
  13. Harold And Patty Arm Wrestle/Arnold And The Rich Guy
  14. The Racing Mule/Curly's Girl
  15. On The Lam/Family Man
  16. Grandpa's Packard/Phoebe's Little Problem
  17. Simmons' Documentary/Big 's Crisis
  18. Married
  19. Timberly Loves Arnold/Eugene, Eugene
  20. Arnold Saves The Neighborhood, Part 1
  21. Arnold Saves The Neighborhood, Part 2
  22. Arnold Saves The Neighborhood, Part 3
  • Hey Arnold! The Movie (Released 6/28/2002)
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