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Mr. Bean EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Artful Bean
    Bean decides to take up painting with ketchup, mustard, and old Stilton cheese. The flies seem to like it.

  • The Ball
    A tennis ball gets lodged in a drain pipe on a roof top. How many different ways can Bean attempt to retrieve it?

  • The Bird
    Bean adopts a strange orphaned bird - but is it a bird or a T-Rex?

  • Bean's Bounty
    Bean creates a metal detector and inadvertently finds the loot and gets caught up in a robbery situation.

  • The Big TV
    Bean's TV breaks when Irma has come for a visit. Poor as ever, Bean creates a Punch and Judy show to earn a bit of money to buy a new TV>

  • Birthday Bear
    It's Teddy's birthday. Irma Gobb, Bean's "girlfriend", has remembered but Bean has not.

  • The Bottle
    Bean's newly purchased ship in a bottle gets inadvertently picked up by the milkman. Will the mission be impossible...?

  • Camping
    Bean wants to go camping, but his tent has fallen apart. Sets up rivalry with security guard. Holiday ruined. But revenge is sweet.

  • Car Trouble
    The car won't work anymore, so Bean is forced to sell it to the junkyard - hum. He builds himself a hot air balloon to get around town.

  • Cat Sitting
    Mr. Wicket goes to hospital and Bean must cat-sit Scrapper.

  • Chocks Away
    Bean builds a model airplane to compete with a boy's in the park.

  • The Convict
    A case of mistaken identity lands Bean in prison and the escaped convict pretends to be Bean. One question: who has the better life?

  • Crying Wolf
    Mrs. Wicket is ill - this inspires Bean to fake an injury, hoping it will get him a luxurious stay in hospital.

  • Dead Cat
    Bean thinks he's had Scrapper "removed" by accident by the dustbin men. Quick, he tries to find a replacement before Mr. Wicket finds out.

  • Dinner For Two
    Irma Gobb is coming for dinner. Bean is not exactly prepared.

  • The Fly
    Hot summer's night and a fly enters Bean's flat, keeping him awake. "Argh!"

  • Frogspawn
    Bean takes frogspawn from the pond to his bed-sit. But frogspawns don't stay little, do they...!

  • Gadget Kid
    High-tech wizardry and low-tech cunning get Mr. Bean out of a jam.

  • Goldfish
    Bean wants Teddy to do water tricks but for some odd reason Teddy won't cooperate. Bean recruits the goldfish from Mrs. Wicket's pond. It has hidden talents.

  • The Haircut
    Bean saves a kitten from a tree. The press and the kitten's owner arrive at his door for a photograph, but Bean's hair is too long. He decides to give himself a haircut.

  • Homeless
    Bean hunts for a new home as Mrs. Wicket has thrown him out.

  • Hot Date
    Bean and Irma go on a date. Problem is. Bean and Irma have different notions of what makes a date.

  • In The Pink
    Bean adopts a mysterious lost pink animal. What is this pink thing and where did it come from?

  • In The Wild
    Bean decides to become a wildlife photographer. Animals elude him. Finally gets caught up in a fox hunt.

  • The Inventor
    An inventor moves into the empty room in the attic. Bean and the inventor try to out-invent each other.

  • Lunch In The Country
    After saving a lady's dog, Bean is invited to lunch in this grand old decrepit manor house.

  • The Magpie
    Bean takes into his home an injured magpie and soon notices that it likes to collect lovely, shiny things taken from neighbours' houses. But guess who gets the blame...

  • Man And Boy
    A rummage through an old trunk in Mrs. Wicket's attic triggers a few memories.

  • The Marrow
    Who's got the biggest marrow? A town competition and one closer to home between Bean and the tough guy next door.

  • Mime Games
    Bean crosses a mime artist in the park. The mime follows Bean home. They out-mime each other.

  • Missing Teddy
    Teddy gets kidnapped and transformed into a bunny bear. Bean tracks down and thwarts the baddies. Hero.

  • The Mole
    Mrs. Wicket's croquet game is interrupted by an offending mole. Bean must have it removed from the back garden.

  • Noisy Neighbours
    Bean wants to watch a programme quietly on telly but the neighbours won't keep the noise down.

  • No Parking
    Bean's trials and tribulations in trying to find a parking space in order to see Titanic: The Movie.

  • No Pets
    Bean adopts a dog, then a parrot, than a chameleon but Mrs. Wicket won't allow for any other pet than Scrapper in her house.

  • The Piano
    Bean buys a grand piano but try as he may, he just can't get the hang of playing it.

  • The Race
    Head to head competition with another runner, Goddawin - via the hospital and the department store.

  • Ray Of Sunshine
    Bean is desperate for a suntan and chases a sunbeam across town.

  • The Restaurant
    Teddy takes Bean out for a birthday dinner but the waiter takes a fall and Bean is recruited to the kitchen.

  • Roadworks
    Workmen dig up Bean's road, sending Bean and his furniture into a juddering frenzy.

  • Royal Bean
    Bean breaks his favourite mug, the one with the Queen's face on it. A chase through London streets brings him to Buckingham Palace.

  • Scaredy Kat
    A nightmare on Bean Street!

  • The Sofa
    It falls to pieces so Bean buys a new one. But by getting rid of the old one, loses his TV remote in the process.

  • Spring Clean
    No more hot water in Bean's pipes. Bean really needs a wash.

  • To Catch A Thief
    Mr. Bean tries his hand as an international art sleuth.

  • Toothache
    Bean bites down on a piece of popcorn, causing him much pain. He thinks that by pulling out his painful tooth, it will resolve his problems.

  • Treasure!
    Bean goes on a treasure hunt after finding a map in Mrs. Wicket's attic. Pirates and maps...

  • The Trolley
    Bean's expedition at the supermarket with a souped-up trolley.

  • The Visitor
    "Harry, an old school friend? Erm... I can't remember him..."

  • Wallpaper
    Mr. Bean redecorates his room, making it fit for a queen.
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