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Ben 10: Alien Force EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • The Vengeance Of Vilgax, Parts 1 & 2
    With the Earth at stake, Vilgax issues a conqueror's challenge to Ben.
  • Inferno
    Ben, Gwen and Kevin discover that Vulkanus is planning to drill to the Earth's center.
  • Fools Gold
    An alien asks Ben to help locate his missing best friend.
  • Simple
    An alien asks for Ben's help in ending a decades-long war.
  • Don't Fear The Repo
    Ben and Kevin try to thwart repo men sent to return Ship to his maker and appeal to a judge to rescind his ruling.
  • Singlehanded
    A bounty hunter who's after the Omnitrix sends Ben to the Null Void, but his left hand remains on Earth.
  • If All Else Fails
    Earthquakes disturb the slumber of a hibernating Highbreed officer.
  • In Charm's Way
    Kevin is charmed by a girl who seems to understand him.
  • Ghost Town
    Ghostfreak amasses an army by possessing residents of Vilgaxia.
  • Trade-Off!
    Darkstar and Kevin join forces to recover an artifact that can return them to their former states, but the pair don't fully consider the consequences of their actions.
  • Busy Box
    Ben, Kevin and Gwen come across an alien box that morphs into a robotic version of whatever it sees. Its talent becomes a liability, however, when the Vreedle brothers decide to take the box for themselves.
  • Con Of Rath
    Ben takes on the task of escorting an alien prince across the galaxy and faces loads of opposition as Argit, the Vreedle Brothers and an Incursian battleship stand in the way of his mission.
  • Primus
    Vilgax sets out to conquer a planet that he discovers is the source of the Omnitrix's powers.
  • Time Heals
    Gwen travels to the past to prevent Kevin and Ben from hacking the Omnitrix.
  • The Secret Of Chromostone
    Ben comes down with a cold while the home planet of Tetrax and Diamondhead is endangered.
  • Above And Beyond
    The Plumbers' Helpers must rescue Max from a space station, where he's being attacked by Ben.
  • Vendetta
    Kevin's house is ransacked by an intruder. Kevin, Ben and Gwen track the culprit and cross paths with a recent Null Void escapee who's looking for a special key.
  • The Final Battle, Part 1
    While attempting to rescue Gwen and Kevin, Ben learns that Negative Ben is working with Vilgax.
  • The Final Battle, Part 2
    Ben learns that Negative Ben is working with Vilgax and is forced to forfeit the Omnitrix. In order to save Earth, he must take on the pair without his powers.
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