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Ultimate Alien EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Fame
    Ben's secret identity is exposed, casting him into the spotlight, in the premiere of this animated series following the 16-year-old as he fights villains using the Ultimatrix, a gadget that transforms him into an array of alien heroes. Elsewhere, an alien plans to detonate a nuclear bomb.

  • Duped
    Ben feels the pressure of fame and finds a way to be in several places at once.

  • Hit 'Em Where They Live
    The revelation of Ben's identity leaves him vulnerable as his enemies team up to attack his family.

  • Computer Games
    Ben's celebrity lands him a starring role in a video game.

  • Escape From Aggregor
    Five aliens plot to escape from their holding facility.

  • Too Hot To Handle
    A radioactive alien dupes Kevin into releasing him from his containment unit.

  • Andreas' Fault
    Con man Argit lands a leadership position with the Forever Knights, much to the gang's chagrin.

  • Fused
    Ben is stuck in alien form and is targeted by Aggregor, who plans to destroy him.

  • Hero Time
    Ben is smitten with an actress he's dating. Meanwhile, Ben's childhood idol stages a comeback.

  • Ultimate Aggregor
    ggregor's plot is unveiled, but it could be too late to thwart him.

  • Map Of Infinity
    The team track down a map that Aggregor's after on a half-frozen, half-molten planet.

  • Reflected Glory
    Cash and J.T. take credit for Ben's heroics.

  • Deep
    Ben, Gwen and Kevin go to a water planet, where they think they'll find Aggregor.

  • Where The Magic Happens
    Gwen and the guys go to a magic dimension, where they must rely on Gwen's foe Charmcaster for their safety.

  • Perplexahedron
    Aggregor is tracked to a cube-like planet that holds a final piece of the map.

  • The Forge Of Creation
    Aggregor is defeated, but the victory comes at a price when Kevin's personality is changed.

  • Nor Iron Bars A Cage
    Ben and Gwen try to halt Kevin's frenzy on the prison planet Incarcicon.

  • The Enemy Of My Enemy
    Ben and Gwen try to protect Argik from Kevin's warpath by taking him to the Plumbers Acadamy.

  • Absolute Power, Part 1
    Ben gets upset when Gwen asks Darkstar to help.

  • Absolute Power, Part 2
    Kevin is out of control and Ben isnt so sure of Gwen's idea.
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