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Bubble Guppies EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Call A Clambulance!
    Oona's friend Avi has to go to the doctor when he falls of his tricycle and breaks a bone.

  • The Crayon Prix!
    The Guppies learn about colors while preparing for the National Crayon Prix.

  • Bubble Puppy!
    The Guppies learn how to care for pets when Gil wants to adopt a puppy at the kennel.

  • Build Me A Building!
    The Guppies learn about construction so they can build a doghouse for Bubble Puppy.

  • Ducks In A Row!
    Nonny and the Guppies learn about marching bands when a duck gets in into a band's way.

  • The Grumpfish Special!
    The Guppies invent picture pizzas, but they must deal with a difficult customer at their restaurant.

  • The Moon Rocks!
    The Bubble Guppies learn about outer space and take a trip to the planetarium.

  • Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf?
    When an actor cannot perform at a play, Deema must take the stage.

  • We Totally Rock!
    The Bubble Guppies get ready to take the stage with their guitars, drums and keyboards.

  • Fishketball!
    The Guppies prepare for a game of fishketball by practicing bouncing, throwing, catching and playing together as a team.

  • The Legend Of Pinkfoot!
    The Guppies hear a spooky legend while on a camping trip.

  • Gup, Gup And Away!
    The Bubble Guppies are going to fly on an airplane through the sky.

  • The Spring Chicken Is Coming!
    The kids try to get a flower to bloom quickly, so that the spring chicken can herald spring's arrival.

  • Boy Meets Squirrel!
    The kids learn about trees and how recycling benefits them after Nonny receives an acorn from a squirrel.

  • Have A Cow!
    The kids learn about the animals and foods found on a farm.

  • Super Shrimptennial Celebration!
    The kids head to a huge bash their town is hosting at the top of Big Bubble Building.

  • Happy Clam Day!
    The kids learn about mail before sending out an invitation to a party for Clam.

  • Can You Dig It?
    The kids go to a dinosaur dig site, where they ask questions about the prehistoric creatures.

  • Bubble Bites!
    The kids go food shopping in a supermarket.

  • Haunted House Party!
    The kids go to a costume party and can't figure out the identity of a guest disguised as a ghost.
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