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Bugs 'N' DaffyBugs 'N' Daffy premiered on WB on September 9, 1996.

Season 1 (1996-1997)
65 Episodes In Season 2
  1. One Froggy Evening/Ballot Box Bunny/The Pest That Came To Dinner/A Broken Leghorn (Original Air Date 9/9/1996)
  2. Backwoods Bunny/Daffy Duck Hunt/Greedy For Tweety/Feed The Kitty (Original Air Date 9/10/1996)
  3. Curtain Razor/No Barking/Bugsy & Mugsy/Bear Feat (Original Air Date 9/11/1996)
  4. Beanstalk Bunny/Mixed Master/Robin Hood Daffy/Lumber Jerks (Original Air Date 9/12/1996)
  5. Lovelorn Leghorn/Birds Of A Father/Thumb Fun/What's Up Doc (Original Air Date 9/13/1996)
  6. Rabbit Of Seville/Bad Ol' Putty Tat/One Froggy Evening/A Waggily Tale (Original Air Date 9/16/1996)
  7. Boobs In The Woods/The Egg-Cited Rooster/Cat Feud/Much Ado About Nutting (Original Air Date 9/17/1996)
  8. Yankee Doodle Bugs/Martian Through Georgia/Tweety And The Beanstalk/Fowl Weather (Original Air Date 9/18/1996)
  9. Often An Orphan/From A To Z-Z-Z-Z/Satan's Waitin'/A Star Is Bored (Original Air Date 9/19/1996)
  10. Bugs Bonnets/Canary Row/Frigid Hare/The Mouse On 57th Street (Original Air Date 9/20/1996)
  11. Gift Wrapped/Aqua Duck/Mouse Warming/Barbary Coast Bunny (Original Air Date 9/23/1996)
  12. Lighter Than Hare/Chicken Jitters/Mutiny On The Bunny/Greedy For Tweety (Original Air Date 9/24/1996)
  13. Mississippi Hare/Weasel Stop/Knights Must Fall/The Stupor Salesman (Original Air Date 9/25/1996)
  14. The Wearing Of The Grin/Easy Peckins/Daffy's Duck Hunt/Home Tweet Home (Original Air Date 9/26/1996)
  15. Scaredy Cat/Cat Feud/A Peck O' Trouble/Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Bunny (Original Air Date 9/27/1996)
  16. Wild And Woolly Hare/Hippety Hopper/A Street Cat Named Sylvester/I Gopher You (Original Air Date 9/30/1996)
  17. Fool Coverage/Nelly's Folly/Ant Pasted/Prince Varmint (Original Air Date 10/1/1996)
  18. Rabbit's Feat/Cheese Chasers/Southern Fried Rabbit/Kiddie's Kitty (Original Air Date 10/2/1996)
  19. Duck Dodgers In The 24.5th Century/Feather Dusted/Lighthouse Mouse/A Street Cat Named Sylvester (Original Air Date 10/3/1996)
  20. From Hare To Heir/Daffy's Inn Trouble/Often An Orphan/Stooge For A Mouse (Original Air Date 10/4/1996)
  21. A Witch's Tangled Hare/Mouse Mazurka/Tree Cornered Tweety/Claws For Alarm (Original Air Date 10/7/1996)
  22. Robin Hood Daffy/Bartholomew Versus The Wheel/Goldimouse And The Three Cats/Rabbit Every Monday (Original Air Date 10/8/1996)
  23. Bedevilled Rabbit/Muzzle Tough/Little Boy Boo/Road To Andalay (Original Air Date 10/9/1996)
  24. Bye, Bye, Bluebeard/Fast Buck Duck/Scaredy Cat/Beanstalk Bunny (Original Air Date 10/10/1996)
  25. Hen House Henery/Mouse-Placed Kitten/The Wearing Of The Grin/Big Top Bunny (Original Air Date 10/11/1996)
  26. Bill Of Hare/Cheese It, The Cat!/Greedy For Tweety/Snow Business(Original Air Date 10/14/1996)
  27. Paying The Piper/Hoppy Go Lucky/Ballot Box Bunny/To Itch His Own (Original Air Date 10/15/1996)
  28. Hare-Way To The Stars/Go Fly A Kit/Robin Hood Daffy/Bear Feat (Original Air Date 10/16/1996)
  29. Goldimouse And The Three Cats/Thumb Fun/From A To Z-Z-Z-Z/Southern Fried Rabbit (Original Air Date 10/17/1996)
  30. Bully For Bugs/Gone Batty/Mississippi Hare/Naughty Neighbors (Original Air Date 10/18/1996)
  31. One Froggy Evening/It's Nice To Have A Mouse Around The/House/Rabbit Fire/Banty Raids (Original Air Date 10/21/1996)
  32. Crockett-Doodle-Do/The Turn-Tale Wolf/Often An Orphan/Rabbit's Kin (Original Air Date 10/22/1996)
  33. Putty Tat Trouble/Goo Goo Goliath/Tweety's Circus/The Iceman Ducketh (Original Air Date 10/23/1996)
  34. Wild And Woolly Hare/Ducking The Devil/Lovelorn Leghorn/The Pest That Came To Dinner (Original Air Date 10/24/1996)
  35. Hyde And Hare/A Broken Leghorn/Much Ado About Nutting/Too Hop To Handle (Original Air Date 10/25/1996)
  36. False Hare/Porky's Prize Pony/Feed The Kitty/The Lion's Busy (Original Air Date 10/28/1996)
  37. A-Haunting We Will Go/Fox Terror/Tweety's S.O.S./Knights Must Fall (Original Air Date 10/29/1996)
  38. Don't Axe Me/Dog Tales/Big Top Bunny/Satan's Waitin' (Original Air Date 10/30/1996)
  39. Dr. Devil And Mr. Hare/Cats And Bruises/No Barking/Porky's Romance (Original Air Date 10/31/1996)
  40. Dough For The Do-Do/There Auto Be A Law/Duck Amuck/Rabbit Romeo (Original Air Date 11/1/1996)
  41. Bugsy And Mugsy/The Stupor Salesman/Bunker Hill Bunny/Catty Cornered (Original Air Date 11/4/1996)
  42. Mother Was A Rooster/The Unexpected Pest/Duck Dodgers In The 24 1/2th Century/Hot Cross Bunny (Original Air Date 11/5/1996)
  43. The Wearing Of The Grin/The Dixie Fryer/Rabbit Of Seville/Strife With Father (Original Air Date 11/6/1996)
  44. The Slap-Hoppy Mouse/Peck O' Trouble/Fool Coverage/A Star Is Bored (Original Air Date 11/7/1996)
  45. The Unmentionables/Dough For The Do-Do/Thumb Fun/Ant Pasted (Original Air Date 11/8/1996)
  46. Rebel Rabbit/High Note/A Broken Leghorn/Scaredy Cat (Original Air Date 11/11/1996)
  47. Tree Cornered Tweety/The Hen-Pecked Duck/Weasel Stop/Rabbit's Feat (Original Air Date 11/12/1996)
  48. Rabbit Every Monday/Wild Wild World/Ducking The Devil/Boobs In The Woods (Original Air Date 11/13/1996)
  49. Good Noose/Each Dawn I Crow/Catty Cornered/Mississippi Hare (Original Air Date 11/14/1996)
  50. Hot Cross Bunny/The Jet Cage/Mouse Mazurka/It's Hummer Time (Original Air Date 11/15/1996)
  51. Raw Raw Rooster/Kiddin' The Kitten/Pop 'im Pop/Now Hare This (Original Air Date 11/18/1996)
  52. Lighthouse Mouse/Plane Dippy/Little Red Rodent Hood/Crockett-Doodle-Do (Original Air Date 11/19/1996)
  53. Bully For Bugs/Puss And Booty/The Stupor Salesman/Corn Plastered (Original Air Date 11/20/1996)
  54. Duck Dodgers In The 24 1/2th Century/The Pied Piper Of Guadalupe/The Slap-Happy Mouse/What's Up, Doc? (Original Air Date 11/21/1996)
  55. Dog Pounded/Corn On The Cop/Rabbit Seasoning/Bedeviled Rabbit (Original Air Date 12/9/1996)
  56. Bunker Hill Bunny/Greedy For Tweety/Wild And Woolly Hare/Porky's Cafe (Original Air Date 11/25/1996)
  57. Robin Hood Daffy/Rocket Bye Baby/Gift Wrapped/Hareway To The Stars (Original Air Date 11/26/1996)
  58. Tweet And Sour/Don't Axe Me/Mouse Mazurka/Sleepy Time Possum (Original Air Date 11/27/1996)
  59. Knights Must Fall/The Film Fan/Barbary Coast Bunny/Tease For Two (Original Air Date 11/28/1996)
  60. Little Red Rodent Hood/The Yolks On You/Satan's Waitin'/Cat Feud (Original Air Date 12/11/1996)
  61. Wideo Wabbit/Tweety's S.O.S./Pop 'im Pop/Strangled Eggs (Original Air Date 12/2/1996)
  62. Thumb Fun/Rebel Without Claws/Dough For The Dodo/Dr. Devil And Mr. Hare (Original Air Date 12/3/1996)
  63. Duck Amuck/A Fox In A Fix/Henhouse Henery/Claws For Alarm (Original Air Date 12/4/1996)
  64. Spaced Out Bunny/Pop 'Im Pop/Bedeviled Rabbit/Suppresses Duck (Original Air Date 12/5/1996)
  65. Southern Fried Rabbit/Bone For A Bone/Crockett-Doodle-Do/Putty Tat Trouble (Original Air Date 12/12/1996)
Season 2 (1997-1998)
65 Episodes In Season 2
  1. Rebel Rabbit/The Draft Horse/Greedy For Tweety/High Note (Original Air Date 9/8/1997)
  2. A Pest In The House/Gift Wrapped/Rabbit Every Monday (Original Air Date 9/9/1997)
  3. Fox Terror/The Jet Cage/The Wearing Of The Grin/Hair-Raising Hare (Original Air Date 9/10/1997)
  4. What's Up Doc?/The Goofy Gophers/The Wabbit Who Came To Supper/No Barking (Original Air Date 9/11/1997)
  5. What Makes Daffy Duck?/Rocket-Bye Baby/Cat Feud/One Froggy Evening (Original Air Date 9/12/1997)
  6. Fool Coverage/Hare-Way To The Stars/The Old Grey Hare (Original Air Date 9/15/1997)
  7. Rabbit's Kin/Mouse-Placed Kitten/Satan's Waitin'/Little Orphan Airedale (Original Air Date 9/16/1997)
  8. The Big Snooze/Mouse On 57th Street/Racketeer Rabbit/Often An Orphan (Original Air Date 9/17/1997)
  9. Daffy Duck And Egghead/Putty Tat Trouble/A Hare Grows In Manhattan/From Hare To Heir (Original Air Date 9/18/1997)
  10. Rabbit Romeo/The Night Watchman/Rabbit Punch/From A To Z-Z-Z-Z (Original Air Date 9/19/1997)
  11. Paying The Piper/The Heckling Hare/A Tale Of Two Kitties/The Unexpected Pest (Original Air Date 9/22/1997)
  12. Mississippi Hare/Kiddin' The Kitten/Kitty Kornered/The Mouse-Merized Cat (Original Air Date 9/23/1997)
  13. Hyde And Hare/Goo Goo Goliath/Hare Trigger (Original Air Date 9/24/1997)
  14. Elmer's Candid Camera/Ducking The Devil/Back Alley Op-Roar/Birds Of A Father (Original Air Date 9/25/1997)
  15. Walky Talky Hawky/A Star Is Bored/One Froggy Evening/Rabbit Of Seville (Original Air Date 9/26/1997)
  16. The Egg-Cited Rooster/Hold The Lion, Please!/A Hare Grows In Manhattan/Muzzle Tough (Original Air Date 9/29/1997)
  17. A Hare Grows In Manhattan/A-Haunting We Will Go/The Stupor Salesman (Original Air Date 9/30/1997)
  18. The Wabbit Who Came To Supper/Rebel Without Claws/Jack Wabbit And The Beanstalk/Raw! Raw! Rooster (Original Air Date 10/1/1997)
  19. The Wild Hare/Martian Through Georgia/Tree Cornered Tweety/Mother Was A Rooster (Original Air Date 10/2/1997)
  20. Daffy Duck Hunt/Confederate Honey/Daffy Duck In Hollywood/Wideo Wabbit (Original Air Date 10/3/1997)
  21. Odor-Able Kitty/I Gopher You/Duck Dodgers In The 24.5th Century (Original Air Date 10/6/1997)
  22. Don't Axe Me/Thugs With Dirty Mugs/Feed The Kitty/Feather Dusted (Original Air Date 10/7/1997)
  23. Knights Must Fall/Home Tweet Home/Bugs Bunny Rides Again/The Hep Cat (Original Air Date 10/8/1997)
  24. Rabbit's Feat/Blooper Bunny/Stage Door Cartoon/The Iceman Ducketh (Original Air Date 10/9/1997)
  25. Often An Orphan/A Bone For A Bone/Buccaneer Bunny/Bugs Bunny Rides Again (Original Air Date 10/10/1997)
  26. Pop 'im Pop/Bunker Hill Bunny/Kitty Kornered (Original Air Date 10/13/1997)
  27. Lovelorn Leghorn/The Crackpot Quail/Daffy's Inn Trouble (Original Air Date 10/14/1997)
  28. Goldimouse And The 3 Cats/The Unruly Hare/Ballot Box Bunny/Henhouse Henry (Original Air Date 10/15/1997)
  29. The Aristo-Cat/Crockett Doodle-Do/Daffy Duck Hunt/Bugsy And Mugsy (Original Air Date 10/16/1997)
  30. Hare Ribbin'/Greedy For Tweety/The Pest That Came To Dinner/Lighthouse Mouse (Original Air Date 10/17/1997)
  31. The Road To Andalay/Good Night Elmer/Bedeviled Rabbit/The Henpecked Duck (Original Air Date 10/20/1997)
  32. Wackiki Rabbit/Tweety's S.O.S./Ant Pasted/Slap Hoppy Mouse (Original Air Date 10/21/1997)
  33. Cat Feud/Ant Pasted/Mouse Mazurka/Tortoise Wins By A Hare (Original Air Date 10/22/1997)
  34. Hare Conditioned/Cats And Bruises/Thumb Fun/Ducking The Devil (Original Air Date 10/21/1997)
  35. Greetings Bait/Each Dawn I Crow/Bunker Hill Bunny/Fast Buck Duck (Original Air Date 10/24/1997)
  36. Trap Happy Porky/The Unmentionables/Plane Dippy (Original Air Date 10/27/1997)
  37. Corn Plastered/Naughty Neighbors/Mutiny On The Bunny/Stage Door Cartoon (Original Air Date 11/3/1997)
  38. Southern Fried Rabbit/Hoppy-Go-Lucky/Buccaneer Bunny/Hare Tonic (Original Air Date 11/4/1997)
  39. Too Hop To Handle/Hollywood Steps Out/Hot Cross Bunny (Original Air Date 11/5/1997)
  40. A Tale Of Two Mice/A Fox In A Fix/Robin Hood Daffy (Original Air Date 11/6/1997)
  41. Rabbit Punch/Bedeviled Rabbit/Boobs In The Woods (Original Air Date 11/7/1997)
  42. A Broken Leghorn/Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid/Elmer's Candid Camera/Thumb Fun (Original Air Date 10/10/1997)
  43. Strangled Eggs/A Witch's Tangled Hare/Tweety's S.O.S./Rhapsody Rabbit (Original Air Date 10/30/1997)
  44. Suppressed Duck/Fowl Weather/Barbary Coast Bunny/Racketeer Rabbit (Original Air Date 11/11/1997)
  45. Snow Business/A Waggily Tale/Rabbit Transit (Original Air Date 11/12/1997)
  46. Back Alley Op-roar/The Film Fan/The Hep Cat/Duck Amuck (Original Air Date 11/13/1997)
  47. Bad Ol' Putty Tat/Doggone Cats/Little Orphan Airedale/Aqua Duck (Original Air Date 11/17/1997)
  48. Tweety Pie/Lumber Jerks/Daffy Duck And Egghead/Barbary Coast Bunny (Original Air Date 11/18/1997)
  49. False Hare/Sniffles And The Bookworm/Scaredy Cat (Original Air Date 11/19/1997)
  50. Weasel Stop/Canary Row/Jack Wabbit And The Beanstalk/Tortoise Beats Hare (Original Air Date 11/20/1997)
  51. Crowing Pains/Bye Bye Bluebeard/Rabbit Punch/Beanstalk Bunny (Original Air Date 11/24/1997)
  52. Easy Peckins/Cheese It, The Cat/Baseball Bugs/Wabbit Twouble (Original Air Date 11/25/1997)
  53. Hippety Hopper/The Dixie Fryer/Greedy For Tweety/Buccaneer Bunny (Original Air Date 11/26/1997)
  54. A Streetcat Named Sylvester/The Turn-Tale Wolf/Slick Hare/Fresh Hare (Original Air Date 12/1/1997)
  55. Hare Remover/Boobs In The Woods/Bugs Bunny Rides Again/Suppressed Duck (Original Air Date 12/2/1997)
  56. Hare Force/Cheese Chasers/The Stupor Salesman (Original Air Date 12/3/1997)
  57. High Note/Falling Hare/Birds Of A Father (Original Air Date 12/4/1997)
  58. A Tale Of Two Kittens/Ballot Box Bunny/Scaredy Cat/Lighthouse Mouse (Original Air Date 12/8/1997)
  59. Dr. Devil And Mr. Hare/The Squawkin' Hawk/Buckaroo Bugs/Dough For The Do-Do (Original Air Date 12/9/1997)
  60. Banty Raids/Stooge For A Mouse/Robin Hood Daffy/Along Came Daffy (Original Air Date 12/10/1997)
  61. Wild And Woolly Hare/Catty Cornered/Gift Wrapped/Pigs In A Polka (Original Air Date 12/11/1997)
  62. Dog Pounded/Porky's Cafe/Daffy Duck And Egghead/The Wacky Wabbit (Original Air Date 12/15/1997)
  63. Catch As Cats Can/Tweet And Sour/Boobs In The Woods/It's Nice To Have A Mouse Around The/House (Original Air Date 12/16/1997)
  64. The Hare-Brained Hypnotist/Tree Cornered Tweety/Tweetie Pie/Little Red Rodent Hood (Original Air Date 12/17/1997)
  65. Claws For Alarm/Pied Piper Of Guadalupe/Mississippi Hare/Elmer's Pet Rabbit (Original Air Date 12/18/1997)
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