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Chaotic: M'Arrillion Invasion EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • A Rare Hazard
    Tom is exiled to Perim when Kaz accuses him of cheating. There, he encounters a gang of rogue Chaotic players.

  • Dangers Of Diplomacy
    Tom and Kaz earn Mazzor's thanks after aiding an OverWorld diplomat.

  • The Floundering Father
    Buzz Jr. is a talented Danian player with a demanding father who is taking the sting out of his game.

  • Colosseum Showdown
    During a scan quest, Peyton and Sarah encounter the biggest fighter they've ever seen; Kaz and Tom decide to track down the giant.

  • Rockwave And Roll
    Peyton is shocked when he learns he is battling the lead singer of his favorite band.

  • Chaor's Commandos, Part 1
    Kaz gets caught up in a dangerous mission while exploring Fear Valley.

  • Chaor's Commandos, Part 2
    Chaor's mission into OverWorld territory is threatened when Maxxor finds out about his scheme.

  • Mega Match
    Tom and Peyton challenge each other to the biggest BattleDrome match in Chaotic history.

  • Time's Up
    Tom and friends go on a topsy-turvy time traveling adventure into Perim's past.

  • Gigantemtopolis
    Tom and company explore a huge temple for treasures to scan and discover much more than they bargained for.

  • War Beasts
    Peyton faces his most fearsome foe ever in the Crellan Dome.

  • From The Deep, Part 1
    Underworlders find an unusual creature frozen inside an ice pillar.

  • From The Deep, Part 2
    Phelphor reveals that the lost tribe known as M'Arrillions are lurking behind the Doors of the Deepmines.

  • Tale Of Two Toms
    Tom Majors meets another player named Tom, who quickly becomes a Majors rival.

  • Blight Flight
    Tom vows to save the creatures of Prexxor Chasm from a monstrous disease and goes in search of a cure.

  • Newbie
    Tom, Kaz and Peyton battle for the attention of a beautiful newbie, who exhibits her skill in the Battledome and her daring on a trip to the Lava Pond.

  • Putting The Muge In Mugic
    Tangath Toborn's troops face a larger Mipedian army.

  • Mister E
    A player with a mysterious agenda challenges Tom to a Drome match.

  • When A Codemaster Calls
    CodeMaster Hotekk has news that could turn Peyton's life upside down.

  • Earth To Kaz
    Kaz writes a school essay about Chaotic being a real place, and is sent to a psychologist by his worried mom.

  • Raznus Returns
    Raznus returns to the OverWorld with a hive of fierce fighters.
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