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Chaotic: M'Arrillion Invasion EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Under Attack
    Chaor plans to ambush the M'arillians in a fiery trap.

  • Warriors Of Eternity
    Sarah is kidnapped by a ghostly creature.

  • Triple Threat
    Tangath Tobom must form an army from three rival tribes.

  • Last Stand, Part 1
    The tribes get ready for a final fight with the M'arrillians.

  • Last Stand, Part 2
    The tribes get ready for a final fight with the M'arrillians.

  • Underworld Overthrown
    Chaor attempts to destroy the M'Arrillions by ambushing them in a fiery trap.

  • The Legions Of Aa'une
    Maxxor and Chaor are trapped at Lake Blakeer, a M'Arrillian mind wave sweeps across the OverWorld towards Kiru City.

  • Perithon!
    The Allied Tribes celebrate the defeat of the M'Arrillians with a race through Perim in which the stakes are high.

  • Worlds Apart
    Jycella comes to Chaotic to visit her twin sister Krystella, and sibling rivalries are renewed.

  • Kickin' Bot
    Ulmar's robots cause trouble for Chaor.

  • Hotekk's Challenge, Part 1
    Tom gets a call from CodeMaster Hotekk that sends him on a quest.

  • Hotekk's Challenge, Part 2
    Hotekk's defeated creatures join forces, but Tom and his friends catch a lucky break.

  • Yesterday's Heroes
    Kiru City is attacked by Kaal.
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