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Click & Clack's As the Wrench Turns EpisodesSeason 1    

Click & Clack's As the Wrench Turns Page

  • Campaign
    The animated adventures of Click and Clack Tappet, the alter-egos of "Car Talk" brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, begin when they run for president in order to save their radio network via a loophole that allows them keep whatever campaign monies they raise and don't spend.

  • Outsourcing
    The brothers outsource their radio show to India after they become bored with it, but have second thoughts when their replacements prove very popular and draw too much new business to the garage.

  • Boston Blackout
    In order to keep up with the garage's workload, mechanic Stash creates a robotic device that repairs cars. The only hitch: It requires an overwhelming amount of electricity and, as a result, causes a power outage throughout the northeastern U.S. To restart to the power grid, Click and Clack develop a plan that requires the services of their producer, Beth.

  • Pasta War
    When the Tappet brothers develop a vehicle that runs on pasta, it becomes a worldwide sensation everywhere but Italy, where the machine's alternative-fuel requirement raises concerns.

  • Gigantic Motors
    After losing their main sponsor, a desperate Click and Clack sign on with moneyed underwriter Gigantic Motors, whose fuel-inefficient fleet they're forced to praise. Once they become transfixed by a gas-guzzling SUV, however, their compadres stage an intervention to show the Tappet brothers the error of their ways.

  • Zuzu vs. Fidel
    Fidel takes offense when a tabloid reporter singles out shop dog Zuzu's ability to sniff out a car's problems, since he possesses the same talent. After he's insulted on live TV, he quits.

  • Abercrombie & Wrench
    The Tappet brothers face stiff competition when a high-tech garage that features hunky mechanics and a cappuccino bar opens nearby.

  • A Pocketful Of Motor Oil
    Click and Clack help Crusty when the eccentric employee's niece, who thinks he's still a Harvard professor, announces that she's coming for a visit.

  • Casino
    The Tappets turn the garage into a casino, which doesn't sit well with Beth until she tries one of the games and becomes hooked.

  • Gotcha!
    The Tappet brothers' passion for practical jokes doesn't sit well with Beth, especially during a visit from a potential benefactor.
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