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Code Monkeys EpisodesSeason 1    

Code Monkeys Page

  • The Woz
    The company reacts when the CEO yields to an oil tycoon.

  • ET
    A filmmaker sells the video-game rights to his movie, giving the programmers something to work on.

  • Stonervision
    Jerry and Dave quit their jobs and try to start their own company with the help of a drug lord. Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell guest stars.

  • Super Prison Breakout
    The staff goes to prison as part of an intervention after one of them is caught stealing, but a prisoner breaks out and takes hostages.

  • Just One Of The Gamers
    Mary finds a positive way to cope with rejection while Clarence helps Jerry deal with unfamiliar feelings.

  • The Take Over
    Job security becomes an issue when GameAVision is purchased by a Japanese company; Dave takes an interest in competitive eating.

  • Larrity's Got Back
    A cancer scare has Larrity hoping for a transplant.

  • IPO
    The staff becomes wealthy from the company's IPO, resulting in wild pursuits.

  • Todd Loses His Mind
    Todd seeks revenge against Larrity as his fantasy role-playing alter ego. Dungeons and Dragons creator Gary Gygax guest stars.

  • Third Reich's The Charm
    The company becomes involved with an infamous dictator after Dave pitches a terrible game idea. Oddworld franchise creator Lorne Lanning guest stars.

  • Wrassle Mania
    The staff recruits professional wrestlers to crush a rival company. Doom designer John Romero guest stars.

  • Vegas, Baby!
    The staff visits Las Vegas for a video-game convention, where they enjoy a wild time.

  • The Revenge Of Matsui
    Ninjas kidnap Benny, prompting the staff to stage a rescue operation in Japan.
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