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Code Monkeys EpisodesSeason 2    

Code Monkeys Page

  • The Story Of 420
    A cross-country road trip is undertaken by Dave and Gerry. Tommy Chong guest stars.
  • Psychological Problems
    The staff is forced to take psychological tests in order to stay insured.
  • My Pal Jodie
    Dave ends up in court after one of his games inspires a presidential-assassination attempt.
  • Dave Gets Boobs
    Dave makes a surprising investment.
  • Valley Of The Silicon Dolls
    The staff unwittingly create a monster when they try to compete with the Lettuce Patch Kids.
  • The Kid Is Mine
    Dave creates a video game to complement a pop star's latest album release.
  • Dean In Charge
    Dean brings woe upon the staff after taking command of the company.
  • Drunken Office Party
    Jerry tries to make amends after a bad showing at a company party.
  • Trouble In The Middle East
    Dave and Todd are kidnapped as part of an evil dictator's plot for world domination.
  • Benny's Birthday
    Benny gets kicked out on his seventh birthday; Todd's brother, Chris, makes an appearance.
  • The Great Recession
    The staff seeks out new jobs in the wake of a recession.
  • Dave's Day Off
    The staff inspires a notable filmmaker.
  • Car Robber Sunnyvale
    Jerry and Dave find themselves threatened by a disgruntled actor.
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