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Cybersix EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Mysterious Shadow
    Cybersix meets Lucas, and for the first time, experiences love. Von Riechter discovers that Cybersix is living in Meridiana and sends Jose to destroy her.

  • Data 7 And Julian
    Data 7 is sent by Von Reichter to destroy Cybersix. Julian, an orphaned boy, leads Data 7 to Cybersix. In the battle that ensues, Data 7 finds himself reunited with his cybersister.

  • Terra
    Von Reichter's shape-shifting creature suffers a moment of doubt as she's about to destroy Cybersix.

  • Lori Is Missing
    After being taken prisoner, Lori, a student of Adrian's, makes makes Jose's life miserable before being rescued by Cybersix.

  • Blue Birds Of Horror
    Von Reichter and Jose use innocent looking birds to trap Cybersix, and take over Meridiana's communications system.

  • Brainwashed
    Jose uses high-tech brainwashing methods to recruit Meridiana's police force in his hunt for Cybersix.

  • Gone With The Wings
    Von Reichter creates goblins to conquer Cybersix and Meridiana. Somehow Cybersix must use their vulnerability to daylight to destroy them.

  • The Eye
    A floating eye is used by Jose to control the minds of Meridiana's citizens. As the eye takes on a power of its own, Cybersix and Jose become unlikely allies.

  • Full Moon Fascination
    Cybersix must stop a werewolf's reign of terror over Meridiana, and along the way, must prevent Lucas from becoming a werewolf.

  • The Greatest Show In Meridiana
    Jose poses as a ringmaster to command his mechanical circus creatures to taunt, then catch, Cybersix.

  • Daylight Devil
    Cybersix's confidence is shaken as she fights to survive against an enemy that she can't see.

  • The Final Confrontation
    Mad with frustration, Von Reichter sets out to destroy Cybersix and the entire city of Meridiana with the Isle of Doom. For the first time, Lucas and Cybersix declare their love for each other.

  • Yashimoto, Private Eye
    Yashimoto, a famous private eye, agrees to reveal Cybersix's true identity to Jose in exchange for the release of his kidnapped sister.
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