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Dan Vs. EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Dan vs. New Mexico
    Dan's grudge against the state of New Mexico leads to a road trip with his best friend Chris and Chris's wife Elise.

  • Dan vs. The Wolf-Man
    Plotting revenge against the culprit that left scratches on his car.

  • Dan vs. The Dentist
    Dan is convinced his dentist is evil and enlists Chris to help him expose the fiend's secret agenda.

  • Dan vs. The Ninja
    Dan's outrage over stolen cookies uncovers an unlikely Ninja vendetta.

  • Dan vs. The Animal Shelter
    Vowing revenge against the animal shelter because of the non-stop barking.

  • Dan vs. Canada
    Getting even with their neighbor to the north.

  • Dan vs. Traffic
    Dan gets into an embarrassing mishap and vows revenge on the city's traffic.

  • Dan vs. Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre
    After an awful night out, Dan wants revenge.

  • Dan vs. Baseball
    Dan gets upset with baseball after his favorite show is preempted by the World Series.

  • Dan vs. The Salvation Armed Forces
    Dan goes to war after his car is accidentally donated to charity.

  • Dan vs. The Beach
    Dan acts out against the surf when he is annoyed by the overflow of beach traffic on his street.

  • Dan vs. George Washington
    Dan blames George Washington for a tree falling on his car.

  • Dan vs. Technology
    An unpleasant experience with computers sends Dan on a tear against Silicon Valley.

  • Dan vs. The Barber
    Dan goes after his barber after a bad haircut ruins his evening plans.

  • Dan vs. Art
    Dan goes after the artist who decorated his car without permission.

  • Dan vs. Elise's Parents
    Dan plots against Chris' in-laws when their visit interferes with Dan's socializing.

  • Dan vs. The Fancy Restaurant
    When his favorite sandwich shop is closed down, Dan goes after the new replacement restaurant.

  • Dan vs. Dan
    An impostor co-opts Dan's identity.

  • Dan vs. The Family Camping Trip
    Elise's parents go on vacation with Dan and Elise.

  • Dan vs. Burgerphile
    Dan protests his favorite restaurant after receiving bad service.

  • Dan vs. The Magician
    Dan plots to expose a magician as a fraud after being bested by his tricks.

  • Dan vs. The Lemonade Stand Gang
    Dan mounts a crusade against a group of local delinquents with Chris' help.
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