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Dan Vs. EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • The Family Thanksgiving
    Dan's invited to share Thanksgiving with Elise's parents, so he brings deviled eggs to the dinner.

  • The Mall Santa
    Dan and Chris get holiday jobs at the mall, and Dan dislikes the grumpy Santa working there.

  • The Neighbors
    Dan fears his neighbors are cannibals, so he tries to run them out of town.

  • Dancing
    Dan's exiled to the world's dance capital, where he must learn to embrace dancing before he's permitted to leave.

  • The Bank
    Dan is angry about new fees at his bank, so he decides to stage a caper to get his money back.

  • The Monster Under The Bed
    An ancient creature takes up residence under Dan's bed, and Dan wants Chris and Elise to help him get rid of it.

  • Golf
    Chris starts spending all of his time golfing, so Dan and Elise team up to rid the world of this sport.

  • The Gym
    Dan is displeased with his gym contract and uncovers an alarming conspiracy while fighting it.

  • The Wedding
    Dan tries to sabotage a wedding from the inside by serving as a member of the wedding party.

  • The Catburglar
    Dan becomes involved in a noir-style mystery when his cat vanishes.

  • The Dinosaur
    A raging dinosaur wrecks Dan's car, so Dan and Chris join forces with a crocodile hunter and prepare to fight back.

  • The Stupidity
    Dan grows concerned about the lack of intelligence in America, so he goes to the governor's office to do something about it.

  • The Telemarketer
    Dan plots to end some persistent telemarketing calls and soon discovers that he knows the caller.

  • Reality TV
    A reality-TV producer embarrasses Dan, so Dan plots to destroy the whole genre of reality TV.

  • Parents
    Displays of poor parenting motivate Dan to adopt a child so he can prove he'd be a terrific dad.

  • Gigundo-Mart
    Dan wants to drive a new superstore out of business, because it's hurting local stores and encouraging Chris to purchase too many items in bulk.

  • Chris
    Dan and Chris fight over an article of sci-fi memorabilia, possibly ruining their friendship in the process.

  • Wild West Town
    Dan goes to a low-quality dude ranch discovers he can't receive a refund.
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