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Dan Vs. EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Anger Management
    Dan enrolls in an anger-management class and finds that he has a lot in common with his teacher.

  • The Mummy
    Dan is pestered by a mellow, undead Egyptian king, so he uses old-school methods to get rid of him.

  • The Boss
    Desperate for rent money, Dan finds work as a temp, and his aggressiveness helps him get ahead in the corporate world.

  • The Mechanic
    Dan discovers his mechanic has been taking parts of his car to create a robot for a secret fight club, so Dan participates in the club to get revenge.

  • The High School Reunion
    Dan's not invited to a reunion at his high school, so he plans a prank in retaliation.

  • The Common Cold
    Dan tries to rid the world of the common cold after getting sick for the first time in his life.

  • The DMV
    Dan is categorized as a difficult case at the DMV and sent to an underground labyrinth.

  • The Ski Trip
    Dan goes on a skiing trip and finds himself stranded in a cabin with Elise when a blizzard hits; Chris relaxes with new friends.

  • Jury Duty
    Dan serves on jury duty and empathizes with the defendant in a trial, so he plots to get a not-guilty verdict.

  • Vegetables
    Dan's favorite burger joint starts serving veggies instead of French Fries, so he goes on a mission to eradicate vegetables from his city.

  • The Superhero
    A superhero damages Dan's car, so Dan recruits a villain to defeat the reckless crimefighter.
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