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Di-Gata Defenders EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Trouble In Paradise
    The Defenders secret training is interrupted when an earthquake signals that the monstrously evil Megalith is breaking free. Their mentor, Professor Alnar reveals to them that their training will not be completed. They must immediately embark on a dangerous mission to re-imprison the Megalith by recovering the four Pure Stones. Before the Defenders can leave the Dojo and start on their epic quest they are attacked by a vicious Rock Serpent and must face their first full on Di-Gata Battle!

  • The Road Less Traveled
    On their way to the Monastery of Amos-Yan to recover The Key, a device which will lead them to the four pure stones, Seth and his fellow Digata Defenders are ambushed by a band of thieves. The inexperienced Defenders find themselves trapped and only escape with the aid of the roguish and mysterious Adam. Meanwhile, agents of the dreaded Order of Infinis, an evil organization intent on the release of the Megalith, arrive at the monastery ahead of the Defenders.

  • The Key To Victory
    The Monastery burns as Malco and Flinch, powerful agents of the Order Infinis tear it apart looking for The Key. With the help of a bizarre creature named Zad, the Defenders sneak into the monastery and make their way up to the Key chamber. The key within reach, the Defenders must face Malco in a titanic Di-Gata battle while the future of Rados hangs in the balance!

  • Snared
    With The Key in hand, the Defenders and Adam, set off to find the first Pure Stone. Unknown to Seth and the others, the Order of Infinis has hired the Realm's most feared bounty hunter, Snare, to track them down. A feud breaks out between Seth and Adam, escalating into a full fledged Di-Gata battle. With everyone distracted, Snare makes his move.

  • Ms. Fortune
    Erik is kidnapped by a carnival of misfits and the Defenders must fight to get him back. Melosa is starting to have visions of a mysterious power growing within her. This power leads her to discover that the carnival is being controlled by a monstrous creature who threatens to destroy their memory forever.

  • Cast Away
    For the first time in their lives, the defenders find themselves on the high seas and discover that their Di-Gata stones don't work over water! When bandits attack the ship they are traveling on, their friendly captain proves to be more than he appears. With the defenders in great danger, Mel's strange powers surge to the surface again - but will they be enough to save them?

  • Escape From Ogama-Gor
    The Defenders find that a walled city held in the grasp of a ruthless dictator has a dark secret. Its own citizens are being used as energy for the Dictator's crazed ambitions. For Kara, the situation becomes personal when her beloved Guardian, V-Moth, is taken prisoner.

  • A Flaw In The Ointment
    Seth learns the hard way that looks can be deceiving when the attentions of a pretty girl lead the Defenders to face destruction in a village where, literally, nothing is as it seems.

  • Vitus
    Deep in the bowels of an abandoned mine, the Defenders uncover a secret destined to shake the entire realm of Rados to its foundations: The existence of a Ninth Sigil. And it doesn't take long before the evil Lord Nazmul sends his agents Malco and Flinch to claim it for the Order of Infinis.

  • The Town That Time Forgot
    The Defenders encounter a cocky young Stone Slinger eager to make a name for himself by challenging Seth to a showdown. An unlikely ally (Adam) is discovered inside the stoneslinger's gang.

  • Carved In Stone
    Deep inside a mountain at the roof of the world, the Defenders encounter Brim, the original carver of the pure stones, now living in self imposed exile and under siege by the evil Guardians. The Defenders remind him of the optimism he once held for human life and he gives Seth a rare and precious gift - the Vitus stone.

  • The One
    The Defenders close in on the first pure stone. Their quest takes them to a remote jungle village where Erik is hailed as a Shaman, thereby making an enemy of the tribe's medicine man. As they try to gain information from the tribe about the pure stone, the defenders face a showdown with Infinis agents Malco and Flinch.

  • One Down
    The Defenders find the way to the pure stone is blocked by the Dakonauts, Lord Nazmul's unstoppable robotic army. A strange psychic connection is revealed between Mel and Kara. And when the first stone is finally achieved it is at a terrible cost. Now the goal is not the rest of the stones, but saving Mel's life.
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