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Di-Gata Defenders EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Doom Chase
    While Mel and Erik hide from the Sand Nomads, Seth strikes a deal with Doku.

  • Warriors
    On the run from Malco and Flinch and the Sand Nomads, Mel and Erik encounter a brash young stone slinger named Bo, who tells them of a warrior-cult competition. Their ears perk up when they learn of the prize.

  • Knowledge
    Nazmul reads Mel's dream about a pure stone hidden in a monastery, but Brackus gets there first. The Defenders now have the key - and the realization that their enemies are divided.

  • Den Of Thieves
    While eluding bounty hunters, Adam charms his way into the Defenders' camp - only to sneak away at night with their pure stones.

  • Nexus
    The Defenders head for the legendary Nexus, their traditional healing place, where Kali, a shape-shifting agent of Nazmul, has been charged with obtaining a body host for Nazmul.

  • Replication
    Barely escaping the Nexus with their lives, the Defenders set out for the Pinnacle, an ancient Di-Gata training temple. On the way, they face the Obelisks, an army of war machines created for Nazmul by Flinch.

  • Dark Descent
    The Defenders discover the Machine of Binding and Erik devises a plan to draw pure stones to it. But their plan is foiled by an attack, and as Erik lies gravely ill, Seth undergoes a strange metamorphosis.

  • The Cycle
    Nazmul has undertaken a quest for immortality that sends his team to the underground palace of an ancient king who is said to have achieved eternal life. But when the Defenders get there, they unleash a ferocious force and in the process discover a disturbing secret.

  • Adam And Eve Of Destruction
    Adam brings four pure stones and Kara in handcuffs to the safe house to prepare for the host body transfer.
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