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DJ And The Fro EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • DJ & The Fro
    Two twentysomething slackers spend their days trolling the Internet for outrageous videos.

  • I Love You
    DJ accidentally tells a client he loves him.

  • Horowitz
    The boys are paired up with a new guy for a project, but worry when he has to be home by sundown.

  • Alpaca
    DJ and Fro pool their paychecks to buy an Alpaca.

  • Pedophile
    DJ unwittingly befriends a pedophile in a chat room.

  • Breast Milk
    Fro develops a bond with a co-worker after accidentally drinking her breast milk.

  • Emergency Contact
    DJ and Fro must stay late on a Friday to finish their personal information sheets.

  • Birds
    DJ believes that Jim the Janitor is relaying prophetic messages from birds.

  • Fred
    Desperate for approval, Fro uses information about Balding's past in an attempt to heal him.

  • La Pequena
    While preparing for a presentation, DJ and the Fro get sidetracked by a horrifying video.

  • Gambling
    Fro becomes jealous when DJ shows interest in Greta.

  • Sub Boss
    When Mr. Balding calls in sick, a substitute boss turns the office into a playground.
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