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The Drinky Crow Show EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Mermaid
    Drinky and Uncle Gabby discuss pirates and philosophy.

  • Beer Goggles
    In order to date his loathsome girlfriend without gagging, Drinky Crow tears out his eyes and replaces them with beer goggles.

  • Whale Show
    When Drinky Crow's girlfriend dies horribly, he decides to convert his grief into money at a marine theme park that specializes in sex, violence, and meta-humor.

  • God Of Monkeys
    Uncle Gabby gives Drinky Crow a hernia, and feels guilt for the first time in his life, so he orders an immense Monkey God from the internet.

  • Organs
    Drinky Crow infuriates his brain by quitting drinking, Gabby dates a sexy French spy trapped in a cage, and a young syphilis with a lot to prove fights his bladder.

  • Old Girlfriend
    Drinky Crow's old girlfriend comes back into his life but is only interested in sex and slavery.

  • Tunnel Girls
    Uncle Gabby dates a girl who is looking for a cheap thrill before her wedding night, while a harem of girls who can turn into a race car try to seduce Drinky Crow.

  • Elephant Man
    Drinky Crow befriends a hideous freak with Proteus syndrome on a suicide hotline, and Uncle Gabby resolves to steal him away for himself.

  • Bar
    The sleazy Maakies bar becomes gentrified and Drinky Crow is inspired to commit many horrible and gruesome murders. Copious violence and slutty college girls abound!

  • Aspire
    Drinky Crow must solve two mysteries - where are the ship's rats coming from and where is the French spy DeBoursay hiding her atomic reactor. The two solutions are as surprising as they are disgusting.

  • Peace
    When Peace breaks out Drinky Crow discovers his girlfriend is expecting eggs, and joins a torture and revenge racket to make ends meet.
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