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Family Guy EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Death Has A Shadow
    After Peter loses his job he is forced to go onto welfare. He gets his first check, which is way too big. He feels bad and decides to give the money back to the "people." He goes to the Superbowl and starts dropping the money into the crowd. He is taken away by the police, but later released so he could return to his family.

  • I Never Met The Dead Man
    Peter is teaching Meg how to drive. he crashes into the satellite dish that is used for the city's cable television. With his cable out, he becomes stir crazy. When he tries spending more time with the family he drives them crazy.

  • Chitty Chitty Death Bang
    Peter lets Meg go to a friend's party on the same day as Stewie's first birthday, which makes Lois angry. The party Meg goes to is actually a cult meeting. Peter goes to get her to make Lois happy and the cult leader follows them, believing he is taking Meg from the cult.

  • Mind Over Murder
    Peter watches on of Chris' soccer games, where he hits what he thought was a man, but was in reality a woman. He is placed under house arrest.

  • A Hero Sits Next Door
    Peter doesn't like the new neighbors, but Lois becomes friends with them. Meg tries to catch the attention of Kyle, the new neighbors' son. Peter has to invite the dad to play baseball with his company's team. Joe shows up at the game in his wheelchair and plays well, making Peter decide to try and be a hero himself.

  • The Son Also Draws
    When Chris is thrown out of the Youth Scouts, Peter takes the family on a trip to get him back in. But instead of New York, they end up at a casino. Peter has to prove he has Native American blood to save the family.

  • Brian: Portrait Of A Dog
    Peter enters Brian in a dog show to win some money. They argue about a trick and Brian decides he's tired of it all. He ends up at the pound, where it's his day to be destroyed.
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