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Adventure Time EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • It Came From The Nightosphere
    Finn releases Marceline's estranged father from the Nightosphere, unaware of the father's soul-stealing habit.

  • The Eyes
    Finn and Jake try to get rid of a horse that does nothing but stare at them with its big eyes.

  • Loyalty To The King
    The Ice King shaves his beard after a princess breaks up with him, but when his new look proves to attract other princesses he capializes on the unexpected opportunity.

  • Blood Under The Skin
    After receiving a splinter on his finger, Finn seeks the Magical Armor of Zelderon for protection but quickly realizes it's not what he expected.

  • Story Tellin'
    While sick and stuck in bed, Jake wants Finn to tell him a story to make him feel better.

  • Slow Love
    Finn and Jake try to woo a group of lady snails in order to save their treehouse from a giant snail.

  • Power Animal
    Jake must stay focused in order to rescue the kidnapped Finn from a gang of evil gnomes.

  • Crystals Have Power
    Jake decides that he can no longer lift a finger to commit an act of violence, but his newfound pacifism couldn't have come at a more improper time.

  • The Other Tarts
    Finn and Jake volunteer to deliver rare tarts to a meeting of Ooo royalty.

  • To Cut A Woman's Hair
    Finn needs a lock of hair from a princess in order to rescue Jake from a balding witch.

  • The Chamber Of Frozen Blades
    Finn and Jake infiltrate the Ice King's palace.

  • Her Parents
    Jake poses as a rainicorn to impress Lady's parents.

  • The Pods
    The duo sort magic beans.

  • The Silent King
    Finn and Jake live like kings but find they're unsatisfied.

  • The Real You
    Finn tries to become smarter before delivering a speech at a science barbecue.

  • Guardians Of Sunshine
    Finn and Jake take on a big boss in Beemo.

  • Death In Bloom
    Finn and Jake must replace a rare flower after a stint as house sitters goes awry.

  • Susan Strong
    Finn and Jake are excited to encounter humans but are soon disappointed when they learn the group can't resist the candy people.

  • Mystery Train
    Finn and Jake investigate a mystery aboard a train.

  • Go With Me
    Finn receives conflicting dating advice from Jake and Marceline.

  • Belly Of The Beast
    The guys help a giant with a stomachache clear out the party going on in his belly.

  • The Limit
    Finn and Jake try to fulfill their dreams with a wish-granting maze.

  • Video Makers
    Finn and Jake make a home movie but find they have different ideas for the project.

  • This Mortal Folly
    Finn and Jake look for an evil king while the Ice King seeks their blessing to date Princess Bubblegum.

  • Mortal Recoil
    Princess Bubblegum has a near-death experience and isn't quite herself afterward.

  • Heat Signature
    Marceline plays a prank on Finn and Jake by making them believe they're vampires.
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