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Adventure Time EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Hot To The Touch
    Finn tries to prove Flame Princess isn't evil.

  • Five Short Graybles
    A collection of short stories tackles the five senses.

  • Web Weirdos
    Finn gets caught in a spider web and ends up mediating disputes between disgruntled spiders.

  • Dream Of Love
    A suitor pursues Tree Trunks, but Jake is upset it disrupts her baking.

  • They Went To The Nightosphere, Part 1
    Finn and Jake are banished to the Nightosphere by Marceline's dad.

  • Daddy's Little Monster, Part 2
    Finn and Jake attempt to rescue Marceline and find out what's making her behave so strangely.

  • In Your Footsteps
    A bear cozies up to the guys, but his true intentions may be hidden.

  • Hug Wolf
    Finn goes through a transformation after a run-in with a hug wolf.

  • Princess Monster Wife
    Princesses lose body parts under mysterious circumstances.

  • Goliad
    Bubblegum ponders mortality and reveals her successor to Finn and Jake.

  • Beyond This Earthly Realm
    Finn is transported to the spirit world and needs the Ice King's help to escape.

  • Gotcha
    Lumpy Space Princess goes undercover with Finn and Jake to do research on men.

  • Princess Cookies
    A rogue cookie takes hostages in Candy Kingdom.

  • Card Wars
    Finn and Jake play Card Quest, an epic game.

  • Sons Of Mars
    Jake becomes a copy of himself after a run-in with Martians.

  • Burning Low
    Bubblegum may be jealous when Finn starts hanging out with Flame Princess.

  • BMO Noire
    BMO turns detective to look for Finn's lost sock.

  • King Worm
    Finn has a vivid dream that may be more than it seems.

  • Lady & Peebles
    Bubblegum and Rainicorn look for the guys, who are missing after a run-in with the Ice King.

  • You Made Me!
    A creepy peeper upsets Bubblegum.

  • Who Would Win
    The guys challenge a monster to a fight but end up battling each other.

  • Ignition Point
    The guys sneak into the Fire Kingdom and are caught in a family feud.

  • The Hard Easy
    Frog people seek protection from an evil lizard who's attacking their swamp.

  • Reign Of Gunters
    The Gunthers cause chaos in Ooo.

  • I Remember You
    Ice King and Marceline bond over memories.

  • The Lich
    Ooo's secrets are revealed during a visit from the Lich King.
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