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Adventure Time EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Wake Up
    The pair must commit a crime in order to find Finn's father.

  • Escape From The Citadel
    Finn meets his father at the Citadel after following the Lich.

  • James II
    Clone James fakes his death to receive medals.

  • The Tower
    Finn builds a tower into space to get his old arm back from his dad.

  • Sad Face
    Jake's tail poses as a clown in a traveling circus while Jake sleeps.

  • Breezy
    Finn tries dating again with his new friend Breezy the bee.

  • Food Chain
    The guys take a field trip and end up as part of the exhibit.

  • Furniture And Meat
    Finn and Jake end up in Wildberry Kingdom.

  • The Prince Who Wanted Everything
    Lumpy Space Prince runs away from his parents to start a new life.

  • Something Big
    Candy Kingdom is attacked.

  • Little Brother
    Shelby is thrust into a new role after a party-related accident.

  • Ocarina
    Fed up with Jake's antics, his son Kim Kil Whan takes action.

  • Thanks For The Crabapples, Guiseppe
    Ice King and a band of misfit wizards go on a mystical road trip.

  • Princess Day
    It's Princess Day in Ooo. LSP and Marceline team up to prank Breakfast Princess.

  • Nemesis
    The Candy Kingdom elite is targeted by a shadowy figure.

  • Joshua And Margaret Investigations
    A menace is hunted in the woods by Finn and Jake's parents.

  • Ghost Fly
    Finn and Jake's tree fort is haunted by the vengeful ghost of a fly.

  • Everything's Jake
    Jake is transported to a different world.

  • Is That You
    Jake acts strange after a memorial for a friend.

  • Jake The Brick
    Jake is determined to fulfill a lifelong ambition.

  • The Dentist
    Finn must go to the dentist.

  • The Cooler
    A natural disaster strikes the Fire Kingdom, and Flame Princess turns to an unlikely ally.

  • The Pajama Wars
    Finn and Princess Bubblegum vanish during a slumber party.

  • Evergreen
    A future wizard quests to save the world.

  • Astral Plane
    Finn has an out-of-body experience.

  • Gold Stars
    Sweet P finds trouble on his first day of school.

  • The Visitor
    Finn has a vision, which leads him to a mysterious crash site.

  • The Mountain
    Lemongrab and Finn journey through the Mountain of Matthew.

  • Dark Purple
    Susan her pals infiltrate the Super Porp factory.

  • The Diary
    Jake's son finds a lost diary.

  • Walnuts & Rain
    Two different fates await Finn and Jake.

  • Friends Forever
    Ice King has a plan to form a circle of confidants.

  • Jermaine
    The guys want to reconnect with their brother.

  • Chips & Ice Cream
    BMO's favorite entertainers unexpectedly find a new home at the tree house.

  • Graybles 1000+
    Marooned on an alien world, Cuber must rely on his bag of Graybles to survive.

  • Hoots
    A charismatic stranger in Finn's dream leads Cosmic Owl to shirk his duties.

  • Water Park Prank
    After rescuing Princess Orangutan from Daddy-sad-heads, Finn & Jake head to a post-apocalyptic water park for a day of fun.

  • You Forgot Your Floaties
    Finn & Jake storm Magic Man's house to rescue his new apprentice.

  • Be Sweet
    A fed up Lumpy Space Princess leaves the woods for a glamorous career in babysitting.

  • Orgalorg
    After a walrus race accident, Gunther starts to experience strange visions.

  • On The Lam
    Finn's dad Martin the Human fights for freedom on a strange new planet!

  • Hot Diggity Doom/The Comet
    It's election day in the Candy Kingdom but Princess Bubblegum's attention is diverted by a mysterious presence in the sky.
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