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Adventure Time EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • Bonnie & Neddy
    Finn and Jake discover one of Ooo's great secrets.

  • Varmints
    Marceline helps Bubblegum face a threat in their homestead.

  • Cherry Cream Soda
    Cherry Cream Soda is startled by an impossible visitor.

  • Mama Said
    Jake and Finn's loyalty is tested when the King of Ooo sends them on a mission to catch flying mushrooms.

  • Football
    Football and BMO make a deal, but struggle to keep it.

  • Marceline The Vampire Queen
    Marceline approaches Princess Bubblegum and asks her to cure her of her vampirism, as she no longer wants to be immortal.

  • Everything Stays
    As the sunlight engulfs Marceline, she begins reliving memories of her past.

  • Vamps About
    Old foes surface from Marceline's past.

  • Empress Eyes
    The Empress arrives at the Ice Kingdom and uses her powers to hypnotize the Ice King, ordering him to bring her the blood of Finn.

  • May I Come In?
    While on the trail of the vampire known as The Moon, they then run into trouble when the shape-shifting vampire Hierophant tracks them and finds them.

  • Take Her Back
    Princess Bubblegum takes Marceline to the Candy Kingdom to try and find a cure for the Hierophant's poison.

  • Checkmate
    While Marceline and the rest of the group plan how to battle the Vampire King, the Vampire King himself appears before them.

  • The Dark Cloud
    The essence forms into the Dark Cloud, which begins to make its way towards the Candy Kingdom.

  • The More You Moe The Moe You Know, Part 1
    Moe visits the tree house with a birthday surprise for BMO.

  • Summer Showers
    Jake's daughter is in a play directed by Lumpy Space Princess.

  • Angel Face
    BMO goes on an adventure with his friends.

  • President Porpoise Is Missing
    Finn and Jake search for President Porpoise to stop Vice President Blowfish from taking over.

  • Blank Eyed Girl
    Finn and Jake battle an urban myth.

  • Bad Jubies
    A storm bears down on The Grasslands and the gang build a bunker for protection.

  • A King's Ransom
    Ice King has a heart breaking loss and Finn and Jake search for the culprit.

  • Scamps
    Finn goes camping with at-risk Candy Kingdom youth.

  • Crossover
    Finn and Jake crossover into Farmworld Finn's dimension.

  • The Hall Of Egress
    Finn is trapped in a cave and tries to escape.

  • Flute Spell
    Finn has secret meetings with a powerful wizard.

  • The Thin Yellow Line
    Finn and Jake discover a conspiracy after infiltrating the Banana Guard ranks.

  • Broke His Crown
    The Ice King's crown breaks.

  • Don't Look
    Finn unearths a treasure with a terrible price at the top of Dead Mountain.

  • Beyond The Grotto
    Finn and Jake pursue Sea Lard and are led to a curious new land.

  • Lady Rainicorn Of The Crystal Dimension
    Jake's son finds a hidden box and draws attention from a Rainicorn.

  • I Am A Sword
    Finn has nightmares about his missing sword.

  • Bun Bun
    Finn delivers Cinnamon Bun to the Fire Kingdom, but is put in danger by doing so.

  • Normal Man
    Normal Man loses his powers and tries to rescue his brother with help from Finn and Jake.

  • Elemental
    Ice King digs up an item buried underneath the Ice Kingdom.

  • Five Short Tables
    Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to take Cake's art to a new level.

  • The Music Hole
    Finn hears a mysterious song while judging a Battle of the Bands.

  • Daddy-Daughter Card Wars
    Jake tries to restore his honor by winning an underground card wars tournament with his daughter.
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