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Adventure Time EpisodesSeason 8    

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  • Two Swords
    A new being surfaces that seems familiar to Finn and Jake.

  • Do No Harm
    Finn visits Candy Hospital to make amends and Jake tries to connect with a surprising house guest.

  • Wheels
    Jake offers parental advice to Kim Kil Whan.

  • High Strangeness
    A conspiracy surfaces in Candy Kingdom and Tree Trunks investigates following an otherworldly encounter.

  • Horse And Ball
    Disaster hits James Baxter and Finn and Jake offer to help.

  • Jelly Beans Have Power
    Princess Bubblegum faces a crystal entity.

  • Islands, Part 1: The Invitation
    A strange craft arrives and Finn thinks it holds secrets from his past.

  • Islands, Part 2: Whipple the Happy Dragon
    The gang go on an ocean voyage.

  • Islands, Part 3: Mysterious Island
    Finn studies a strange island in search of his friends.

  • Islands, Part 4: Imaginary Resources
    Finn and Jake a new land with a redesigned reality.

  • Islands, Part 5: Hide And Seek
    Susan spots a familiar girl while exploring futuristic ruins.

  • Islands, Part 6: Min & Marty
    Susan has a revelation that starts bringing clarity to Finn about his past.

  • Islands, Part 7: Helpers
    The gang visit Founders Island.

  • Islands, Part 8: The Light Cloud
    Finn confronts the power behind Founders Island.

  • Elements Part 1: Skyhooks
    Upon returning to Ooo, Finn and Jake discover that there have been some radical changes in their absence.

  • Elements Part 2: Bespoken For
    Ice King weaves a tale filled with drama, romance and men's fashion.

  • Elements Part 3: Winter Light
    Finn, Jake and Ice King travel to the new Ice Kingdom to confront the person responsible for turning everything topsy-turvy.

  • Elements Part 4: Cloudy
    Before they can restore Ooo, Finn and Jake have to escape exile in an endless sky.

  • Elements Part 5: Slime Central
    Finn and Jake infiltrate the new Slime Kingdom and are drawn into a heated skate battle.

  • Elements Part 6: Happy Warrior
    One step closer to success, Finn and his friends fight through a new, more brutal, Fire Kingdom to find Flame Princess.

  • Elements Part 7: Hero Heart
    A full-scale war breaks out between two kingdoms and it's up to Ooo's most unlikely hero to stop it.

  • Elements Part 8: Skyhooks II
    Finn and Lumpy Space Princess work together to unlock one of Ooo's greatest secrets.
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