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Fish Hooks EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Bea's Commercial
    When Bea has an audition that requires her to ride a scorpion, she is determined to get the role so she embellishes her scorpion riding qualifications and says she is an expert. However, when she actually tries to ride one, she discovers her declaration couldn't be farther from the truth.

  • Hairanoid
    Oscar and Milo discover that the key to Steve Jackson's perfection lies within his hair, so they devise a plan to use his secret recipe hair gel to become perfect themselves. It works too, until the hair gel runs out and they see themselves for who they really are.

  • Adventures In Fish Sitting
    Bea, Milo and Oscar get roped into babysitting Ms. Lips' ornery cat. When the cat escapes just as Ms. Lips is on her way back home, the gang must find him while, at the same time, convince Ms. Lips that there is nothing fishy about the cat currently in her house... even though he now bears a striking resemblance to Milo.

  • Banned Band
    When Lonnie the marching band conductor bans all the students from playing music, Milo stands up for the gang and proudly plays his kazoo as loud as possible. Unfortunately, Lonnie doesn't take kindly to Milo's rebellion and challenges the gang to a battle of the bands - where the losing band will have to give up music forever.

  • Merry Fishmas, Milo
    Milo and Oscar throw a Christmas party, but when they need help with the party prep, they send a special holiday request to their favorite magical dude, Fish Santa. Meanwhile, Bea tries out for the role of Fish Mall Santa.

  • Milo On The Lam
    When Milo is wrongly accused of gluing Mr. Baldwin to his teacher's chair, he becomes a fugitive running from the hall monitor, Clamantha, so Bea decides to conspire with him to discover the truth and clear his name.

  • Break Up Shake Down
    After Jocktopus forgets their anniversary, Piranhica spirals out of control and breaks up with him. The girls try to comfort her, while the boys try to help Jocktopus, but nothing seems to work. The gang needs to get the couple back together again, and there is obviously only one way - go back in time and do the day over!

  • Just One Of The Fish
    After Jocktopus pulls off his arms, Bea volunteers to take his place on the Freshwater Football team, but when she is shunned by Coach Salmons, she sets off to right the wrong. Meanwhile, a new student shows up to try out for the football team.

  • Rock Lobster Yeti
    The gang are all on a student camping retreat when out of the bushes appears a bloodthirsty beast - the Yeti Lobster! Everyone runs for cover, but when Milo gets separated, he must confront his childhood fear of once again coming face-to-face with the scary monster.

  • Spoiler Alert
    When Randy spoils the end of a movie that Oscar and the gang have all been anticipating, they make it their mission to get even with Randy and spoil a movie that he wants to see.

  • Bea Dates Milo
    When Pamela Hamster breaks up with Milo, Bea takes him out to cheer him up, but through a series of events, he begins to think Bea wants to be more than just friends. Not wanting to hurt his already down-trodden feelings, she goes along with it and finds herself accidentally dating Milo.

  • Milo's Secret Admirer
    Oscar is so excited when he receives a love letter from a secret admirer, but unfortunately, the letter was left by Milo and was not intended for Oscar. Fearful that Oscar's heart will be crushed if he learns the truth, Milo sets out to find the perfect girl for Oscar.

  • Sixteen Clamandles
    Bea feels like a thoughtless friend when she realizes its Clamantha's birthday and nobody remembered, so she plans a big last-minute surprise party at Clamantha's house. However, when Milo calls Bea and tells her it's not Clamantha's birthday after all, the gang scrambles to clean up since Clamantha is on her way home!

  • Send Me An Angel Fish
    After Oscar meets the head of the rival debate team, Angela, he falls head over heels in love and they start hanging out. However, he begins to suspect she's just been spying on him to win the big "Pros and Cons of Video Games Debate" and decides it's time to call her out on it.

  • Science Fair Detective Mystery
    When a thief steals Oscar's prize-winning Science Fair project, Bea and Milo flex their detective skills and scour the Freshwater halls for clues and suspects to crack the case of Oscar's missing creation.

  • Guys' Night Out
    It's their one month anniversary and Oscar decides to make it official with Angela by asking her to go steady. However, the boys convince him that when a girl becomes your girlfriend, everything changes, so Milo declares "Guys' Night Out" - one last epic night of fun before Oscar takes the plunge.

  • Busy Bea: Rise Of The Machines
    Bea breaks her fin.

  • So-Fish-Ticated
    Bea and Milo try to help Oscar pick out a tie, but when Milo is barred from the store because of his ice cream-stained shirt, he enlists his friends to teach him how to become sophisticated.

  • Milo And Oscar Move In
    After their water filter breaks, Bea invites Milo and Oscar to move in with her. However, the boys quickly wear out their welcome and rather than offend her best fish friends, Bea resorts to drastic measures to get them out.

  • Oscar Is A Playa
    After Oscar gives off the wrong impression to Esmargot, the girls become convinced that he is cheating on Angela and set up a sting operation to catch him in the act. But when their plan backfires, they must find a way to save his relationship before it's too late.

  • Little Fish Sunshine
    After Bea and the girls enter the Little Fish Sunshine pageant in order to meet pop sensation Brandon Bubbler, Milo offers to put his baby pageant experience to good use and coach Bea to victory.

  • All Fins On Deck
    Bea and Oscar plan the cruise of a lifetime, but what starts out as a morning of merrymaking quickly turns into a swashbuckling adventure with Milo at the helm as he and his brigade of buccaneers set out to reclaim their ship from the Geckos and save their vacation.

  • Cattlefish, Ho!
    Bea, Milo, Oscar and the gang help out on a cattlefish drive and Milo's attempts to prove he is the best cowboy quickly go awry. However, when all of the cattlefish manage to escape the tanks, it's Milo to the rescue with his typical trick for wrangling them.

  • Brothers' Day
    After seeing the Joe brothers get into a huge fight, Milo gets nervous that one day that might happen to him and Oscar, so he creates a holiday dedicated to celebrating their friendship.

  • Milo's Magical Shake
    When Milo gets a free milkshake, he wants the excitement and the drink to last forever, but Bea and Oscar are forced to intervene after Milo names the milkshake Emily and insists on spending quality time with it.

  • Spiders Bite
    Spiders invade the fish tanks.

  • Principal Bea
    After Principal Stickler goes missing, Bea takes over as school principal. However, some of her new policies upset Nurse Fishington, who encourages Bea to play by her rules.

  • Fish At Work
    Bea gets a job promotion, however, her excitement is short-lived after she discovers her first responsibility is to let one of her co-workers go. After putting each employee through a series of tests, she ultimately decides the best thing to do is find them all new jobs.

  • Unfinished Doll Business
    Bea's childhood doll resurfaces and haunts her.

  • Chicks Dig Vampires
    Albert falls for a vampire slayer.

  • Fish Lips Sink Ships
    Bea tries to play matchmaker when she learns that Mr. Baldwin has a crush on Ms. Lips.

  • Bea's Birthday Surprise
    It's Bea's birthday and Milo has once again forgotten to buy her a gift, so he makes a promise to get her the greatest present of all time, a lock of Brandon Bubbler's hair. He sets out with Oscar, Albert and Jumbo Shrimp to find Brandon and fulfill his promise.

  • Get A Yob!
    Milo gets the brilliant idea to put hair in his food so that he can get a free lunch, but his prank goes too far and causes the lunch lady, Latoada, to lose her job. In an effort to find a new lunch lady, Principal Stickler organizes Lunch Lady Tryouts with celebrity guest judges Giada De Laurentfish and Bobby Fillet. Having realized food is Latoada's life and the school cafeteria is where she belongs, Milo sets out to help get her job back.

  • Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy
    Oscar and Shellsea find themselves paired up for a science fair project and they disagree about everything. Meanwhile, Milo and Bea genetically modify an apple to make it even more amazing.

  • Fish Flakes
    Milo begins to freak out when he realizes that his chances at becoming "Freshwater's" Catch of the Month Calendar Cover Dude" are slim to none when his scales begin to fall off, so he tries to find a solution to his flaky problem and learns in the process that he's not the only one with body issues.

  • Super Extreme Grandma Games To The Max
    The Grandma Games are in town and Milo is there to support all of his bingo buddies, but when he discovers Randy has dressed up as one of the Grandmas, Milo knows he must do what is right and defend their honor.

  • Koi Story
    When Koi feels pressure to fit in, she ends up letting the girls believe that she did some daring, dangerous and unbelievable feat. The news spreads and she welcomes the new found popularity. Unfortunately, Piranhica calls her out on the lie and Koi must decide if the glory is worth risking her life to prove she does actually have an adventurous side.

  • See Bea Ski
    Bea is excited for her first ski adventure outside of the tanks, until she finds herself faced with a difficult challenge. Meanwhile, Milo has a found his home at the ski lodge telling stories to his adoring fans.

  • Night At The Loxbury
    Milo and his friends get the brilliant idea to turn the Hokey Poke into an age-appropriate dance club and they invite all the salmon from the Loxbury Club.

  • Fish Prom
    Its Prom time at Freshwater High and the gang is ready to make the most out of the big night. But when things don't work out how she expected, Bea finds herself hanging out with an unlikely suitor.
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