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Fish Hooks EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Milo vs. Milo
    Milo is convinced that a new hamster TV show called "The Milo Show" is about him, but when the Milo character turns out to be a klutzy nerd, he heads to Hamsterwood to clear his name.

  • Everything But The Chicken Sink
    When a wealthy Chicken hires Bea to give swimming lessons to his difficult teenage daughter, she soon finds that the task is easier said than done.

  • Live At The Hamsterwood Bowl
    Oscar's dream date with Bea is threatened when their friends tag along to hear him perform live.

  • A Charity Fair To Remember
    Bea's overzealous good intentions create chaos at the annual fair.

  • Bye Bye Bea Bea
    When Bea's dad lands a new job in Fish Phoenix, the gang sets out to find him a better job in Freshwater, so Bea won't have to move away.

  • Glass Man Standing
    When Albert's voice starts to change naturally, it seems like he's finally going to be treated like a man. But when his new voice abandons him at the worst possible moment, he'll have to learn that it's not the voice that makes the man, but the man that makes the voice.

  • South Pafishic
    When Fishington decides to cut the Drama Department, Bea and her friends decide to venture into Fishington's brain to change her mind or else they'll lose the department forever.

  • Unresolved Fishues
    When Jumbo begins dating Oscar's ex-girlfriend, things quickly turn awkward between the two, especially when Oscar's attempts to make peace with his ex backfires and he appears to still be in love with her.

  • Freshwater Five-O
    When Milo and Jocktopus are invited on a police ride-along, they're convinced it means they're real cops - and set out to prove it.

  • Pool Party Panic
    Milo wakes up in class to discover that everyone at Freshwater High has turned into a human! As he prepares for Shellsea's epic Pool Party, Milo has to figure out what's real and what's not -- as he desperately tries to keep his party king reputation intact!

  • Labor Of Love
    Mr. Baldwin wants to propose to Ms. Lips, but she's leaving on vacation to Flip Flop Island for the summer, so the kids come up with the perfect excuse to follow her -- field trip!

  • Assignment: Babies
    Weary from his new duties as a father, Mr. Baldwin hands his babies out to the class to help babysit for the week. But after being paired together, Oscar and Bea quickly realize temporary parenthood may tear them apart.

  • Hare And Back Again
    Milo joins Oscar, Albert, and Jumbo in their fantasy role-playing game, and fight for the rights of bunnies everywhere.

  • Milo's Pony
    Milo befriends an adorable pony fish but worries that his manly friends won't understand.

  • Brandon Bubble
    When Brandon Bubbler moves to Freshwater to become a student, Bea is thrilled to meet her idol.

  • Jocktopizza
    Jocktopus wants to please Jocktopappa, but Jocktopappa wants Jocktopus to make special pizza.

  • Hats Amore
    Ms. Lips brings Baldwin to the racetrack to meet her disapproving parents. To prove he's man enough to marry her, Baldwin enters a race.

  • Camp Camp
    The kids discover that Coach Salmon has a rivalry with his sister's camp.

  • Algae Day
    There's three feet of algae on the ground and school is cancelled.

  • Bea Saves A Tree
    Bea chains herself to a plastic tree in the fish tank to, protest the construction of a new store.

  • Surfing the Interwet
    Ms. Lips discovers video posts from Freshwater residents.

  • Don't Let The Fish Drive The Party Bus
    Milo throws a party that gets out of hand and the guests have to deal with a runaway party bus.

  • Milo In A Cup
    Oscar tries to get Milo to divulge the secret behind his party persona so he can gain confidence and impress Bea.

  • Fish Taco
    The lives of the characters are explored through the perspective of a taco traveling across the Freshwater Mall food court.

  • Brothers Of A Feather
    Oscar and Milo are adopted by a mother bird.

  • I Have This Friend...
    Shellsea's friends help her find a date.

  • Freshwater Lives
    A time capsule is found and Milo uses it to bring back the richest person to ever live in Freshwater.

  • The Big Woo
    Bea and Oscar's friendship is tested during graduation week as they grapple with the idea of admitting their feelings for one another.
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