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Flapjack EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Jar She Blows
    Flapjack is stuck in a jar.

  • Behind The Curtain
    Flapjack and K'nuckles can't escape the Dock Hag's house.

  • Shut It
    Flap and K'nuckles swap lives for the day.

  • Who's Moochin' Who?
    The duo take in a rich stranger and hope to profit from their kindness.

  • Over The Moon
    Flapjack and K'nuckles are stranded on the moon, which could lead them to Candy Island.

  • 100 Percencus
    K'nuckles avoids being counted in a census.

  • Off With His Hat
    Flapjack helps K'nuckles look for his lost hat on an island filled with monkeys.

  • K'nuckles And His Hilarious Problem
    Flap tries to break K'nuckles of his candy habit.

  • Fancy Pants
    K'nuckles longs to enter the VIP area of the Candy Barrel.

  • Cuddle Trouble
    Flap may have a cuddling problem.

  • Who's That Man In The Mirror?
    K'nuckles is out of shape and can't keep up with Flap.

  • Unhappy Endings
    K'nuckles looks for a story without a happy ending.

  • S.S. K'nuckies
    Bubbie feels jealous of K'nuckles' new boat.

  • Candy Cassanova
    Flapjack keeps an eye on Candywife while Peppermint Larry is out of town.

  • Down With The Ship
    K'nuckles tries to prove he's a captain by visiting a sunken ship.

  • Willy! [Or Won't He?]
    Flapjack has to capture Eight-Armed Will.

  • Bubbie's Tummy Ache
    Flapjack enters Bubbie's stomach to fix her ache.

  • Mind The Store, Don't Look In The Drawer
    Dr. Barber leaves his shop in the boys' hands, but he has one important rule.

  • Please Retire
    K'nuckles' knack for telling stories has faded.

  • Under The Sea Monster
    Flapjack cries "sea monster".

  • Flapjack Goes To A Party
    Flapjack attends a party but is embarrassed by Bubbie and K'nuckles.

  • Low Tidings
    Flap celebrates Low Tidings Day, which means trouble for K'nuckles and Bubbie.

  • Rye Ruv Roo
    Flapjack poses as a missing dog while K'nuckles sets out to bring the pooch back to his owner.

  • Come Home Cap'n
    K'nuckles and Bubbie get in a fight, leading Flapjack to drown his sorrows in candy.

  • Fastest Man Alive
    Policeman Norm invents a device to help him capture more criminals.

  • Oh You Animal!
    Flapjack and Bubbie are separated by an old woman who objects to Flapjack being raised by an animal.

  • The Return Of Sally Syrup
    Flapjack tries to prove to Sally Syrup that Stormalong is an exciting place to live, a quest that gets them both in trouble.

  • Lazy Bones
    A village claims to be home to the world's laziest man, but K'nuckles may usurp the honor.

  • Two Old Men And A Locked Box
    While looking for a birthday present for Bubbie, Flap and K'nuckles come across two men bickering over a locked treasure chest.

  • Bam!
    K'nuckles learns to stand up for himself with Flap's help.

  • Lost At Land
    Flap and K'nuckles discover a new land with strange natives.

  • Just One Kiss
    K'nuckles and Peppermint Larry make a bet, and the winner receives a kiss from Candy Wife.

  • Wishing Not So Well
    K'nuckles receives something he's always wanted, but then he changes his mind about his wish.

  • N Is For Navy
    Flapjack enters the Navy; Flapjack and K'nuckles are stranded on the moon.

  • What Eatin' Ya Cap'm?
    K'nuckles has an embarrassing problem.

  • I'm So Proud Of Me
    Flap's picture appears in the paper, and he doesn't like it.

  • All Hands On Deck
    Flap pretends he's a sailor, but his ruse backfires.

  • A Day Without Laughter
    Lolly Poopdeck wants respect, and Flap is on hand to help him get it.
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