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Futurama EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Space Pilot 3000
    It is December 1999 and Fry, a pizza delivery guy, is accidentally cryogenically frozen. He wakes up a thousand years later, just as it is about to become the year 3000. He is told his perfect life job fit is....... delivery boy! Not content to be just a delivery boy in the future, he flees before his career chip can be implanted by Leela, an alien cyclops. During his escape, he meets Bender, a depressed robot. He seeks out his great-great-great-great-great nephew, Professor Farnsworth. The professor hires Fry and Leela to work for his intergalactic delivery service, with Bender along as well. Fry is now an interplanetary delivery boy, but he's happy about it.

  • The Series Has Landed
    Fry, Leela, and Bender have to deliver a package to the moon. Fry is excited because he still envisions it as a special experience to go to the moon, but it is routine for the citizens in the year 3000. The moon is nothing more than an amusement park, with some outlying farms. Fry decides to find the site of the original moon landing while Bender romances a farmer's robot daughter.

  • I, Roommate
    Fry is too messy to stay at the Planet Express office any longer, so he moves in with Bender. The two drive each other crazy, in a futuristic "Odd Couple" situation.

  • Love's Labors Lost In Space
    On a mission to save all the animals from a collapsing planet, Leela meets starship captain Zapp Brannigan. Brannigan finds Leela attractive and wants to add her to his long list (or so he says) on conquests.

  • Fear Of A Bot Planet
    Fry, Leela, and Bender deliver a package to a robot planet where the robots kill humans on sight. Bender becomes fascinated with the way the robots live and has to decide between becoming the lifestyle or his friends.

  • A Fishful Of Dollars
    In 1999 Fry only had 93 cents in his bank account. Now that it's the year 3000, he has over four billion dollars in interest added to that.

  • My Three Suns
    Fry is making a delivery to a planet of liquid creatures. Thirsty, he takes a drink and accidently drinks the planet's Emperor.

  • A Big Piece Of Garbage
    In the 21st century Earth launched its garbage into space as a way to deal with it. Now, in the year 3000, that garbage is returning and is set to destroy New York. Fry, Leela, and Bender have to stop the garbage before the garbage stops New York.

  • Hell Is Other Robots
    Bender becomes addicted to power surges and his life falls apart. He joins the Temple of Robotology to change his ways. He becomes annoying and self-righteous about his new religion and his friends ask him to stop. When he does he is sent to Robot Hell, where he meets the Robot Devil.
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