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Futurama EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • A Flight To Remember
    The crew vacations on the space cruiseship Titanic, where Fry plays pretend boyfriend to Leela to deter a former suitor, and to Amy to placate her parents.

  • Mars University
    Fry enrolls at Mars University, where he rooms with the Professor's latest experiment - a talking monkey - and former frat-rat Bender leads his brothers in wreaking havoc

  • When Aliens Attack
    The gang acts out the final episode of "Single Female Lawyer" to appease invading aliens who missed it due to technical difficulties caused by Fry in 1999.

  • Fry And The Slurm Factory
    The gang wins a party with Slurms McKenzie at the Slurm bottling plant, where they're marked for death after learning the secret ingredient.

  • I Second That Emotion
    After flushing Nibbler down the toilet, an artificially remorseful Bender joins Leela and Fry on their search in a sewer-world of mutants.

  • Brannigan, Begin Again
    Court-martialed for blowing up a space station, Zap Brannigan and his assistant Kif join Planet Express, where Zap leads a mutiny against Leela.

  • A Head In The Polls
    Bender pawns his body, which is bought by and attached to a prominent head who uses his new mobility to run for political office - again.

  • Xmas Story
    On the eve of "Xmas", as it's called in the year 3000, Fry and Leela flee the robotic Santa, who kills those he deems naughty; Bender volunteers at a mission for homeless robots.

  • Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?
    The crew takes an anxious Dr. Zoidberg to his home planet for a mating ritual, but Fry has to coach him on how to attract females.

  • Put Your Head On My Shoulder
    Things heat up between Amy and Fry after her new car runs out of fuel on Mercury. But breaking up is hard to do after an accident forces them to share the same body.

  • Lesser Of Two Evils
    A Bender lookalike - who Fry finds even more obnoxious - is hired as extra security for some precious cargo, which disappears during Fry's watch.

  • Raging Bender
    After indirectly KOing the champ during a scuffle at the movies, Bender joins Ultimate Robot Fighting, where the fix is in - for a while.

  • A Bicyclops Built For Two
    Leela meets another surviving cyclops, a male who invites her to their planet, where Leela proposes they restart their race.

  • How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
    With Hermes on a stress-reducing vacation, his by-the-book replacement falls for Fry, but Bender stumbles on to their romance, and pays a price.

  • A Clone Of My Own
    After his 150th birthday party, the Professor picks a successor, who disappoints him so much that he decides to end his life by reporting for a final trip to a mysterious planet of old people.

  • The Deep South
    A fishing trip strands ship and crew underwater, where Fry falls for a mermaid residing in the lost city of Atlanta.

  • Bender Gets Made
    After having a hand in an incident with a celebrity chef that blinds Leela temporarily, Bender becomes a hired goon in the robot mafia, who plan a hijacking - of Planet Express cargo.

  • My Problem With Popplers
    Earth's most popular new food is discovered and marketed by the crew - until one of the snacks speaks to Leela.

  • Mother's Day
    The Professor is the key to stopping a robot-and-machine revolt against humans, as ordered by robot-creator Mom, who seeks to be declared Supreme Overlord of Earth.

  • Anthology Of Interest 1
    Bender, Leela and Fry experience the Professor's "What If" machine, each in a different scenario.
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