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The Garfield Show EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pasta Wars
    It's Garfield's birthday and Jon forgets about it. He later remembers it and makes 8 lasagnas, but he's one lasagna short. Meanwhile, an unusual type of alien which looks like lasagna and can speak English with an Italian accent arrives on Earth.

  • Mother Garfield
    A bluebird gets trapped in Garfield's neighbour's garage after catching a worm to eat. She leaves her 3 babies abandoned. Garfield takes care of them but the babies hatch from the eggs and call him mother.

  • Orange And Black
    Garfield dresses uo as a creature named "Catzilla".

  • Freaky Monday
    Odie and Garfield get their bodies swapped by an alien from Saturn without knowing about it.

  • Bone Diggers
    Odie digs a up bone, but it's not an ordinary bone - it's a Brachiosaurus bone.

  • The Robot
    Jon tests a cleaning robot.

  • Cat Nap
    Garfield locks all the doors to project him from Silent Jack, but then Jon forgets his keys after his tooth surgery.

  • Agent X
    A cat named "Agent X" finds Nermal, but he turns out to be Fluffykins.

  • Perfect Pizza
    Garfield gets a pizza from Mama Meany's Pizza Palace, Vito's rival, which tastes horrible.

  • A Game Of Cat And Mouse
    Squeak and his mouse family move in with Garfield and he must get them to leave before Jon calls Rat-Tator Pest.

  • King Nermal
    Nermal lives with Garfield for 10 days because his owner is out of city and he fakes a leg injury. Garfield and Odie devise a plan to get rid of him.

  • Desperately Seeking Pooky
    Garfield's teddy bear goes missing.

  • High Scale
    Jon puts Garfield on a diet and exercise plan when the scales tell him he's overweight.

  • Jon's Night Out
    Jon has a difficulty sleeping, so a hypnotist puts a spell on him to make him fall asleep when he hears the sound of a horn. Odie's bark works instead.

  • Not So Sweet Sound Of Music
    Jon finds his accordion but Garfield doesn't like him playing it, so Garfield tries to get rid of it.

  • Turkey Trouble
    Jon accidentally orders a live turkey instead of a dead turkey for dinner with Liz. Garfield disguises himself as a turkey.

  • Pup In The Pound
    Odie gets taken to the dog pound because he's not wearing his license. Garfield pretends to be a dog to get Odie back.

  • Odie In Love
    Odie falls in love with a shower brush, but Garfield doesn't like it so he throws the brush in the recycling bin without Odie knowing it.

  • Pet Matchers
    Jon and Garfield want to go to a TV show called Pet Matchers.

  • Lucky Charm
    Garfield gets rich after meeting a leprechaun.

  • Curse Of The Were-Dog
    Odie becomes a were-dog in the middle of the night and eats lasagna. Jon thinks that Garfield ate it.

  • Meet The Parents
    Liz introduces Jon to her parents. Liz's mother has a canary named Petey that Garfield tries to eat to get rid of him.

  • Down On The Farm
    Garfield goes to Jon's brother Doc Boy's home. It has no TV and no pizza, so Garfield shows the farm animals how to live life his way.

  • The Pet Show
    Garfield gets rejected from The Pet Show because he's too fat to enter, so Odie takes his place against Nermal.

  • Curse Of The Cat People
    Garfield and Odie get taken to another land through a magic mirror. A colony of cats live there, planning their revenge on humans.

  • Glenda And Odessa
    Garfield and Odie are framed for stealing barbecued ribs when they run away from Jon's cousins.
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