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Generator Rex EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Day That Everything Changed
    When Rex sneaks out, he meets Noah who gives him the chance to feel normal again.

  • String Theory
    A body-controlling E.V.O takes over lower Manhattan; White Knight is ready to take extreme measures.

  • Beyond The Sea
    Rex, Noah and Bobo sneak away for spring break.

  • Lockdown
    A dangerous E.V.O. escapes from its containment unit in the petting zoo.

  • The Architect
    Rex encounters an enclave of brilliant engineers.

  • Frostbite
    Rex must be airlifted to a remote Providence facility.

  • Leader Of The Pack
    Rex tries to uncover Van Kleiss' plot to take the city hostage.

  • Breach
    When Rex wakes up in a strange boarding school, he learns he is being kept captive.

  • Dark Passage
    When one of the original scientists resurface, Rex believes he may hold information about the past.

  • The Forgotten
    Rex and Six try to retrieve an info-rich disk that's stashed inside an E.V.O.-plagued city known as the Bug Jar.

  • Rabble
    Rex attends the prom as Noah's wingman, but the night takes a turn when an E.V.O. stalks Rex and plots revenge.

  • Rabble
    Providence encounters a street gang.

  • The Hunter
    A vigilante E.V.O. hunter turns his sights on Rex.

  • Gravity
    ZAG RS returns to take control of all nanites.

  • What Lies Beneath
    The Pack tries to resurrect Van Kleiss.

  • The Swarm
    Evo wasps are destroying everything.

  • Basic
    Rex decides to attend "Providence Boot Camp" in an attempt to beat Noah.

  • Plague
    When an evo-virus puts humans in a coma, Rex must team up with the White Knight.

  • Promises, Promises
    A flashback of how Rex became part of Providence.

  • Badlands
    A cyborg pirate targets precious cargo that Rex, Noah and Bobo are transporting.

  • Payback
    Van Kleiss invades Providence headquarters.
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