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Generator Rex EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Rampage
    Noah becomes an EVO, forcing Rex to cure his best pal.
  • Waste Land
    A civilization of EVO fish is discovered by Rex and Six.
  • Lost Weekend
    Rex and Kenwyn, who's just graduated, must join forces.
  • Alliance
    Van Kleiss recruits a new ally while in the Bug Jar, an EVO prison.
  • Robobobo
    A robot replaces Bobo while the chimp takes time off. Rex tries to make improvements to his temporary sidekick, but things soon get out of control.
  • Divide By Six
    Agent Six needs Rex's help to save an old friend who's become an EVO.
  • Mixed Signals
    Rex is kidnapped by someone with information about his past.
  • Outpost
    Rex takes on a group of radicals in the amazon.
  • Haunted
    An EVO ghost spoils a double date for Rex and Noah.
  • Moonlighting
    Rex learns that former Providence cadets are busting EVOs for hire.
  • Without A Paddle
    Noah asks Rex to join him for a table-tennis tournament.
  • Written In Sand
    Rex and Van Kleiss team up to fight ZAG-RS.
  • Night Falls
    Rex and Caesar visit their grandmother in Mexico; Hunter Cain returns.
  • Hard Target
    Breach goes after ladies in Rex's life.
  • A Family Holiday
    Dr. Holiday looks for a cure for her sister.
  • Exposed
    Rex is hungry for camera time when a news crew visits town.
  • Grounded
    Rex is grounded while the Providence crew are off-site, so Noah persuades him to have a party. But things soon take a turn when an EVO intruder is discovered inside the base.
  • Six Minus Six
    Six loses his memories and reverts to a heartless mercenary.
  • Lions And Lambs
    Breach receives new powers from Van Kleiss, forcing Rex to try to get through to her.
  • Back In Black
    Rex visits an alternate future in which the Black Knight is the head of Providence.
  • Crash And Burn
    Rex gets involved in underground motorcycle racing.
  • Heroes United, Part 2
    Dr. Holiday looks for a cure.
  • Phantom Of The Soap Opera
    Noah lands a job at the TV studio where Rex's favorite show is filmed.
  • Riddle Of The Sphinx
    The gang go to Egypt, where strange EVO activity surfaces.
  • Double Vision
    Rex goes to great lengths to recover his goggles after he loses them in a fight.
  • Guy vs. Guy
    Rex plans a prank on Noah and ropes Bobo into his scheming.
  • Black And White
    Rex must infiltrate New Providence.
  • Deadzone
    Rex and Noah transport an EVO who has the ability to interfere with Rex's powers.
  • Assault On Abysus
    Rex races to Abysus in hopes of beating the Black Knight and Providence there.
  • Remote Control
    Quarry uses Providence collars to control EVOs.
  • A Brief History Of Time
    Van Kleiss' travels through time are recounted as he returns to the present with something on his tail.
  • Mind Games
    Circe behaves strangely after joining Rex and the gang at the Plant.
  • Hermanos
    Rex inherits a farm in South America and invites his friends to explore it with him.
  • Target: Consortium
    Jungle Cat returns to help Rex and Six take down the Consortium.
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