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GoGoRiki EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Big Race
    It's the Double Desert Race, and Pogo and Chiko run into trouble early when they crash their vehicle into a cactus.

  • A Gift For Rosariki
    After Chiko looks for a gift for Rosa's party, he and Pogo wind up lost in the desert.

  • The Telegraph
    Otto's new invention, the telegraph, allows everyone to communicate through instant messaging. However, Pogo's telegraph breaks, making him a social outcast.

  • Extra! Extra!
    Pogo makes up sensational headlines to generate interest for his new newspaper.

  • Magnetism
    The discovery of a magnet turns Rosa, Wolli, Pogo, and Chiko, and Doco against each other must work to bring them back together.

  • Treasure Hunt
    Rosa and Pogo go on a top secret submarine mission.

  • The Sweetness Of Honey
    Bobo, who is honey-intolerant, continues to eat honey until he becomes violently ill.

  • The Lucky One
    Wolli is excited about going on a hot air balloon ride until he learns he is afraid of heights.

  • Pollution Solution
    Otto, Chiko, and Pogo work to find the source of sewage that is polluting the ocean.

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pogoriki abandons his hardware marketing campaign to join Chiko with a potential product of the year, a happiness-inducing pyramid.

  • It's About Time
    Rosa pretends to have an injury to alleviate her boredom.

  • Dreams In The Sky
    Otto promises to fly his plane to help protect Bobo's harvest, but lands in trouble when he stays up all night reading a comic book.

  • The Beauty Within
    Rosa is convinced that her friends are lying to her when she is rejected by an international beauty pageant.

  • The Magic Trick
    Bigo grows tried of the same tricks and works with Wolli to perform the most dangerous stunt of all.

  • Bad Manners
    Olga attempts to help Rosa break a bad habit of whistling.

  • Woe Is Wolli
    Wolli's perfectly poetic state of mind is interrupted by his friends.

  • Scary Stories
    Rosa is frightened by a campfire story.

  • A Hair Scare
    Chiko tells Pogo his biggest secret, that he believes he is going bald.

  • Double Doco
    Doco has found out that his evil clone came back, so Otto and Doco have to stop him from making pranks and breaking houses.

  • The Piano
    Bigo and Olga give Rosa a piano, but Pogo, Chiko, and Wooli have to do the hard work by carrying it.

  • Beautiful Lily
    After finding a picture of a pretty female hedgehog Chiko becomes obsessed with finding her and Pogo tries to help.

  • Star Gazing
    Bobo discovers crop circles in his wheat fields, and they form an enormous portrait of Chiko.

  • Me, Myself, And Island
    Wolli's wish for solitude is granted when a storm blows him onto a deserted island; at first he's ecstatic, but after several days of loneliness he starts to lose his mind.

  • Bad Hair Day
    After a strong wind ruins her new hairdo, Rosa creates a magic wand and tries to make everything just right for herself.

  • Movie Madness
    Pogo and his friends try to make a science fiction movie, but everything goes wrong.

  • What A Chore
    Otto builds a robot maid to do Pogo & Chiko's chores for them, but the robot starts treating everyone like babies.

  • Promises
    Pogo wants Chiko to try the benefits of a special plant that only blooms once a year, but Chiko has promised to help Rosa find her missing stuffed toy.

  • Potential Disaster
    Pogo takes Wolli and Chiko on a hike in the mountains, where they encounter an avalanche, an earthquake, and an erupting volcano; Pogo welcomes the character-building challenges, but the others hate them.

  • The Scent Of Wooli
    Hoping to attract Rosa, Wolli puts on a large amount of perfume; the result isn't what he'd expected.

  • Weather Or Not
    Bigo apparently ends a rainstorm with a rain dance; Doco, who believes in science rather than folklore, is astounded.

  • Big Trouble
    In the winter, Pogo and Chiko find what they believe to be a frozen Rosa, and try to thaw her out.

  • The Forgotten Memory
    Bigo's friends try to help him retrieve a forgotten memory, first by using hypnotism, then technology.

  • Ice And Cool
    In the winter, Pogo and Chiko find what they believe to be a frozen Rosa, and try to thaw her out.

  • Snow Daze
    Pogo and Chiko are getting a tree for christmas, but the others needed snow for stuff.

  • Operation Santa Claus
    Bigo, Bobo, Olga, Otto, and Doco are on a mission to give out presents when they go to sleep, but everyone thinks that there is no such as Santa Claus.

  • Happy New Year
    Everybody is having a special New Year and Pogo has a lot of stuff on his to-do list.

  • Truffle Trouble
    When Bobo find a truffle in the vegetable garden, Doco decides to share it. Bigo holds a lottery to see who gets the truffle and Pogo wins it.

  • Pluto's Hero
    Doco does not believe that Pluto is down and he tries to prove that it's not down.

  • The Funhouse
    Wooli has a day when he can shapeshift into different shapes by a mirror.

  • The Costume Party
    Everyone is being the same as Rosariki since the costumes didn't fit.

  • Bobo
    Bobo has many things to do.

  • Social Butterfly
    Docoriki wants to be a butterfly.

  • Recipes 4 Life
    Olgariki's book is destroyed.

  • Sinking Feeling
    Bigoriki recruits everyone to help Wolli take a sea journey.

  • The Collector
    Pogoriki feels Chikoriki's candy wrapper collection is a waste of time.

  • Face The Music
    Bobo helps Wolli learn to dance.

  • Girls And Boys
    Rosa beats Pogo at table tennis.

  • Sleepy Time
    Bigo hypnotizes Pogo.
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