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Pushing Daisies

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The Goode Family EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Helen is distraught when Bliss, fed up with her mom's trying to talk to her about sex, joins an abstinence group. Things go from bad to worse when Bliss asks her father, Gerald, to take her to the group's purity ball. Meanwhile Ubuntu turns 16 and wants to learn how to get his driver's license.

  • Pleatherheads
    Gerald and Helen have a tough time adjusting to the demands of being a football family after Ubuntu unexpectedly becomes a star on high school football team. Meanwhile, Bliss tries some unorthodox ways to improve her college prospects.

  • Goodes Gone Wild
    Helen sees a way to win Charlie's approval when he takes a shine to one of the rescues at her pet adoption. Unfortunately, it's a disgusting animal of unknown origin named Gutterball who has to stay with the Goodes because Charlie's "home" doesn't allow pets. While Helen copes with Gutterball, Che gives Gerald a hand with the college's squirrel problem.

  • Helen's Back
    When Helen's back goes out, it looks like all is lost for the Goodes' chances of being featured on the all-important organic garden tour. Help comes in the way of a Latino gardening crew and a former Burmese childhood pen pal of Helen's. Right before the committee arrives to inspect the garden, the Goodes realize they have unknowingly been exploiting the workers. Meanwhile, Ubuntu and Bliss try an experiment in the new economy tactic of "trading up".

  • A Tale Of Two Lesbians
    In a misguided effort to impress the arts council, Helen and Gerald befriend a chic new lesbian couple. When Gerald makes an apparently offensive slur and the Goodes are ostracized, they have to seek out a new lesbian couple to prove they aren't homophobic.

  • Freeganomics
    In an effort to gather support for their Eco festival, Helen invites famed "Freegan" Heinrich to Greenville. Henrich is a leader in the movement where followers live only off the waste of others. The Goodes quickly realize the Freegan might be nothing more than a freeloader, but have trouble getting him to leave.

  • Graffiti In Greenville
    When Helen finds out that Bliss' new community service job cleaning up graffiti is bogus, she decides to secretly start tagging to give Bliss some actual work to do. But when "Huggos" graffiti gets media attention and an Oxford professor declares it the work of a major new urban "artist," Helen decides she can't keep quiet about who done it.

  • A Goode Game Of Chicken
    After getting duped into eating "meatless" chili (with chicken in it), Gerald takes on a local celebrity chef, Cranky. Meanwhile, Che goes missing.

  • After-School Special
    Gerald and Helen get a gig tutoring at-risk kids after school, leaving their own kids at loose ends with disastrous results, as Ubuntu unwittingly joins an eco-terrorist group and Bliss starts up her own fake ID business.

  • Public Disturbance
    Gerald tries to raise money to bring a Public Broadcast Radio station to Greenville and it looks like he's going to succeed, but an old woman who donated $100,000 may lose her house because of the donation.

  • Trouble In Store
    Helen is devastated when she's accused of shoplifting what she thought was a free sample of wheatgrass from One Earth - and banned from the store for life - on the eve of an important dinner she's planning to further Gerald's career.

  • Gerald's Way Or The Highway
    Trying to inspire his children, Gerald adopts a highway to show that one person can make a difference. Things don't go as planned when the Goodes get involved in a turf war after they learn the highway is being used as a drug drop off area by Neo-Nazi prisoners.

  • A Goode Man Is Hard To Find
    Gerald thinks Trish and Mo (guest stars Julia Sweeney, Laraine Newman) want him as the sperm donor for their next child. Meanwhile, when Ubuntu starts sprouting his first facial hair, Charlie decides it's time to take his grandson under his wing and teach him how to be a man, much to Gerald and Helen's dismay.
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