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Huntik: Secrets & Seekers EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • A Seeker Is Born
    When Lok and Sophie accidentally break a statue they find an amulet and journal inside.

  • The Casterwill Client
    Lok wants out of the organization but Dante informs him that agents will be after him unless he hides in a safe house.

  • Words Of Truth, Heart Of Lies
    The team heads to Prague, the home of the ancient sorcerer Jodis Lore.

  • Into The River Of Secrets
    The team travels to an area in France that has been plagued by terrible whirlpools.

  • Crawling The Catacombs
    The team discovers the hidden base of the seeker, Joan of Arc.

  • Divide And Conquer
    After recovering the ring of Joan of Arc, the team finds themselves trapped in the Paris Catacombs.

  • The Legacy Of Thor
    Dante and friends go in search of Thor's hammer, believing it is in fact a Seeker artifact.

  • Two Powers Become One
    Inside the temple of Thor, the group finds the Titan Fenris.

  • Absent Heroes
    In Vienna, the team members separate to conduct their own business, but they reassemble when DeFoe's interest in a Gareon leads them to a hidden labyrinth.

  • The Treasures Of The Argonauts
    While hunting for the Argo in Greece, the team is targeted by DeFoe, who decides to get revenge against Dante.

  • The Beautiful Trap
    The gang sets out to sea to continue the mission; Grier is promoted and ordered to eliminate DeFoe.

  • Like Father, Unlike Son
    Grier decides to return to his birthland and stop the war that has been taking place there.

  • Home Turf
    Lok travels to Ireland to visit his mother and sister.

  • All Work And No Play
    Rassimov takes Sophie's money away; the team finds a translation of Judah Lowe's notes.

  • The Sceptre Deception
    The team sneaks into the Tomb of Neferti.

  • The Bookshop Hunter
    The team goes to Vienna to recover an artifact that Klaus stole from the Huntik Foundation.

  • The Vampire Loses Its Fangs
    Dante meets with the leader of the Huntik Foundation, who urges him to seek out the Titans.

  • Memory Lane
    Dante and the team are called to investigate strange lights coming from a Paris cathedral at night.

  • Ladies' Choice
    Sophie tries to master a spell to use on Lok's father's journal.

  • The Unseen Guide
    Lok finds a note from his father that tells him about the lost city of Atlantis.

  • Coming Of Age
    Lok takes the team to Atlantis, the undersea city, where he expects to find his father.

  • The Golden Asp
    A symbol reveals the location of a serpent sculpture in the African desert.

  • To Be Together
    Dante and the others try to escape Solomon's guards.

  • The Secret Of Two Generations
    Metz summons the team to explain about the Legendary Titans and assigns them a mission to locate the last one.

  • The Divine Comedy
    The team confronts the Professor in Prague and avoids a trap set by Rassimov, who later sneaks Dante a valuable tool to aid in his fight against the Professor.

  • The Mission
    Dante loses his confidence after giving the Professor the two Legendary Titans, so Lok decides to head the mission to stop The Professor from releasing the fourth and final Legendary Titan with Sophie. Meanwhile Zhalia stays with Dante to try and boost his confidence and protect him from two Titans that have been summoned by The Professor's dog Ethoan. Will Metz be cured? Will Dante regain his confidence? Will Lok learn what happened to his father? The answers will be revealed in the season finale of Huntik.
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