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Jimmy Two Shoes EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Popsicles
    When Lucius and Beezy start squabbling more than ever, Jimmy comes up with a fool-proof plan for an impromptu, rift-healing reunion.

  • Chez Beezy
    When Jimmy and Beezy take over the kitchen at Chez Garbage, guess who ends up doing all the work?

  • I've Totally Shredded My Cheese
    After Jimmy's new catch-phrase launches him into superstardom, Lucius decides he wants in on the craze.

  • Heloise's Wish List
    When Lucius fires Heloise, Jimmy makes her a list of all the fun things she can now do.

  • Spew Tube
    When Heloise posts an embarrassing video of Lucius for all of Miseryville's amusement, Jimmy must restore Lucius' villainous reputation.

  • Monster Mutt
    Heloise switches Beezy's and Cerbee's bodies and Jimmy must convince them to switch back.

  • A Cold Day In Miseryville
    When Jimmy talks about how fun snow is, Heloise invents a machine that makes snow, but when Lucius hires Samy to use it to spread misery things don't go as planned.

  • Mount Misery
    Lucius wants to carve his head into a mountain until he finds out it's home of his least favorite creatures.

  • Heat Blanket Jimmy
    Jimmy decides that the best way to beat the heat (and misery) is to have a beach party. When Lucius crashes the party he is eaten by a fish and Jimmy has to save him.

  • Cellphone-It-Is
    Lucius bans cellphones when Beezy disrupts his presentation by chatting.

  • Power Squid And Spaghetti Beezy
    After clowns steal Jimmy's shoe, Heloise invents him a squid which gives him with super powers.

  • The Big Date
    When Lucius is unable to get to his big date on time, he hires Jimmy and Beezy to distract Jez.

  • Carnival Lucius
    Heloise tricks Lucius into building a "miserable" carnival, which Lucius later discovers to be fun.

  • Baby Boom
    In order to raise money for concert tickets, Jimmy and Beezy babysit the General's children.

  • Way Below Par
    When Jimmy starts beating Lucius at golf, Samy and Heloise must intervene before Lucius floods the whole town.

  • Jimmy Matchmaker
    Jimmy plays matchmaker to find Beezy a date to Lucius' statue unveiling ceremony.

  • The Masked Jackhammer
    An overconfident Jimmy steps into the ring to replace injured pro wrestler "Goat Boy".

  • The Big Drip
    When Jimmy uses Lucius' private privy,an outraged Lucy destroys every washroom in Miseryville.

  • The Competition
    Jimmy arranges a contest between Heloise and Beezy to see who can be the nicest.

  • Jimmy, Don't Be A Hero
    Lucius must risk Jimmy's life in order to save it.

  • A Hair-Brained Idea
    Lucius tricks Jimmy into swapping hairstyles using Heloise's new Folicle Changeover Machine.

  • Ghostsmackers
    The ghost of pizza-crust-past starts haunting Beezy.

  • Jimmy Gets A 'Stache
    Jimmy's fake moustache becomes a problem.

  • The Butley Did It
    Beezy hires a butler.

  • The Product Tester
    Misery, Inc. puts Sludge Ice Cream into production, but surprisingly it makes everyone happy.

  • Invasion Of The Weavils
    A weavil tricks its way into Jimmy's home by faking an injury.

  • Catalogue Of Misery
    Jimmy must work the Misery, Inc. delivery route to pay for all the items he ordered from them.

  • Bend It Like Wreckem
    Jimmy and Beezy accidentally knock out their favorite soccer star before the big match.

  • Wish You Weren't Here
    Jimmy convinces Lucius to take a cruise.

  • Cerbee In Love
    Heloise, Jimmy and Beezy try to unite Cerbee with his true love, Jazmeen.

  • The Racing Bug
    Two racecar driving fleas infest Jimmy and Beezy's brains.

  • Too Many Jimmys
    Jimmy uses Heloise's latest contraption, the People Copier, and ends up with an army of Himmies.

  • Rear Pickle
    Jimmy fears his new neighbor is really a giant pickle.

  • Clowns Gone Wild
    Jimmy and Beezy want to become clowns.

  • Best Prank Ever
    Lucy plays mean-spirited pranks on Lucius Fools Day.

  • Bad Horn Day
    Jimmy accidentally cuts off Lucius' prize-winning horns just before the Golden Horn Awards.

  • Night In The Heinous Museum
    Heliose and Jimmy become security guards at the Heinous Museum after it comes under attack.

  • I Married A Weavil
    Lucius signs a peace treaty that requires Beezy to marry a Weavil princess.

  • Meet The Gnomans
    Beezy inadvertently defeats the Gnoman's commanding officer.

  • There's Always A Hiccup!
    Heloise gets the hiccups and can't get rid of them.

  • I Am Jimmy
    Everyone in town goes into hibernation except Jimmy, and being alone drives him crazy.

  • Happy Birthday, Lucius
    Lucius loses his voice on his birthday, but Jimmy speaks for him. .

  • Fused Together
    Heloise fuses Jimmy and Beezy together in hopes that they will grow tired of each other.

  • Bus Driving BFF
    Jimmy becomes best friends with a bus driver.

  • Pet Rockey
    Beezy becomes jealous when his new pet rock looks like Jimmy.

  • Rocket Jimmy
    Jimmy joins Lucius on a space mission to defeat a moon beast.

  • No Rules, Rulez Jimmy
    Jimmy and Beezy head off into nature to get away from the rules in Miseryville.

  • Best Bud Battle
    Heloise and Beezy compete to see who gets to have Jimmy as a houseguest after Cerbee runs away with Jimmy's house.

  • Heloise's Big Secret
    Heloise becomes upset when Jimmy and Beezy steal her secret collection of dolls.

  • Jimmy In The Big House
    Jimmy and Beezy attempt to break Cerbee out of an animals-only jail.

  • Scent Of A Heinous
    ucius launches a new fragrance that reportedly boosts one's height.

  • Here Will Be Chocolate
    Jimmy, Heloise and Beezy discover a chocolate reserve.
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