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Jimmy Two Shoes EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Dance, Jimmy Dance
    Jimmy takes dance lessons.

  • Jimmy And Beezy On The Run
    Jimmy and Beezy accidentally break Lucius' priceless vase and go on the run to hide from him.

  • My Best Friend's A Weavil
    Beezy befriends a needy weevil, against his father's wishes.

  • Beezy J. Genius
    Beezy is struck by an experimental genius bolt, which makes him smarter than anyone else in town.

  • Air Force None
    Lucius uses a jet to spread gloom across town.

  • Panda-Monium
    Jimmy and Beezy exploit Heloise's newly formed panda fan base for their own financial gain.

  • You Can't Keep A Heinous Down
    Beezy starts his own business, but puts the family's fortune at risk.

  • The Terrific Trio
    A monster terrorizes Lucius, but Trouble Bubble Girl comes to his rescue.

  • Spring Broke
    Jimmy and Beezy spend spring break on hostile Misery Island.

  • Zombie Pickle
    Zombies attack and take the form of pickles.

  • Bad Luck Jimmy
    Jimmy accidentally swallows a bad-luck accelerator.

  • Misery Hearts
    Heloise searches for the author of a romance novel.

  • High School Mule-sical
    Jimmy tries to turn a singing mule into a star.

  • Heloise Schmeloise
    Heloise creates a clone of herself to help around the lab and Jimmy is instantly smitten with her.

  • Jimmy New Shoes
    Jimmy trades his old sneakers for fancy new ones, then regrets it and tries to get the old pair back.

  • What's Up With Heloise?
    Heloise tries to act like a lady while her genteel aunt visits.

  • Everyone Can Whistle
    Jimmy tries to learn how to whistle.

  • Heads Will Roll
    A cold causes Heloise to literally lose her head.

  • She Loves Me
    Jimmy and Beezy fight for the attention of a beautiful girl trapped in a tower.

  • Heinous vs. Clowns
    Lucius plays pranks on rodeo clowns.

  • Bird Brained
    Lucius' prized pet bird escapes and Jimmy helps him search for it.

  • The Mysterious Mr. Ten
    Jimmy tries to make a humorless hotel owner laugh.

  • Heloise's Secret Admirer
    Heloise learns she has a secret admirer.

  • Miseryville Marathon
    Lucius and Beezy enter a father-son piggyback-riding marathon.

  • Lucius Lost
    Lucius builds a gigantic pool and ends up stranded on an island in the middle of it.

  • Something About Herman
    Heloise poses as a boy so she can infiltrate Jimmy and Beezy's secret guys-only club.

  • A Present For Jez
    Jimmy turns a complimenting doll into an insult machine.

  • Funny Face-Off!
    Jimmy challenges rodeo clowns to a funny-face contest.

  • Samy's New Gig
    Samy takes up acting after he loses his job.

  • The Clean Sneak
    A mystery person cleans Miseryville.

  • Six Over Seven
    Beezy rekindles his relationship with his grandfather, which makes Lucius jealous.

  • The Outsiders
    Jimmy tries to save an outsider from Lucius.

  • The Great Horn Fairy
    Jimmy pretends to have horns so the Great Horn Fairy will visit him.

  • he Collectors
    Jimmy accidentally throws out Beezy's prized collection of chewed gum and must get it back.

  • The Hooded Chicken
    Jimmy and Beezy mock things in the Great Hall of Misery but are warned not to offend the dreaded Hooded Chicken.

  • Make No Allowances
    Beezy adjusts to a downsized allowance and asks Jimmy to help him curb his spending habits.

  • Generation Text
    Lucius and other kids get trapped in a cave and use their cell phones to text for help.

  • Snowrilla
    The townspeople search for a legendary beast called Snowrilla.
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