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Jackie Chan Adventures EpisodesSeason 1    

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Through The Rabbit Hole
When a freak accident with one of Kepler's hi-tech devices, ends up zapping Jade back in time to 1976, she must track down younger versions of Jackie and Uncle to help her return to the present. Shendu, decides to use this rift in time as an opportunity to destroy Jackie as a child. Sent back in time the Enforcers track down a young Valmont and set out eliminate Chan. Jackie must find a way to transport back in time, save himself, and bring Jade back before everything as he knows it vanishes from existence.

The Warrior Incarnate
Jade reanimates a statue of the Warrior Lo Pei, the person who imprisoned Shendu in stone and who scattered the talismans way back when. Now Jackie must get the Warrior statue back to the museum before it can re-scatter the talismans or have its talismans taken by Valmont's men.

Snake Hunt
Jackie and Jade crosspaths with a television show archaeologist named Wesley Rank while they were trying to find the Snake Talisman. Jackie's effort was to keep the talisman away from Wesley Rank and the Enforcers, and at the climax, Jackie had to battle a Giant Snake in the Snake Temple.

The Mother Of All Battles
When Tohru's ever-critical, feisty spitfire of a Mom comes to town, he's eager to make her proud. So when a crime-family offers him to cut him in on a heist of a famous jewel, it looks like Tohru's gonna do it, for the money. Meanwhile, Jackie is asked by Black to guard the very same jewel. But Tohru hasn't really gone bad and tips Jackie off. Unfortunately, Tohru and Jackie get taken hostage by the mobsters, leaving the ever-bickering Uncle and Tohru's Mom to come to the rescue.

The Stronger Evil, Part 1
Believing his work with Section 13, and the threat of Shendu, to be behind him, Jackie Chan plans to return to his prior, quieter life. But, when The Dark Hand reappears, armed with the power of all twelve Talismans, Jackie and Jade are re-enlisted to track down the magical amulets -- accidentally uncovering a new and even more dangerous evil.

The J Team, Part 2
With the Dark Hand still in possession of the Talismans, Jade calls on some friends from the past to help Jackie with this latest threat. El Toro and Viper join Jackie as they follow the Dark Hand to Tibet in search of the Pan Ku Box, the key to unlocking the mystery.

Jade Times Jade
In an attempt to be at two places at once, Jade miscasts a duplicator spell on herself only to discover she can't stop duplicating. The army of Jades prove a powerful force in a final set piece against the Mountain Demon. Tohru becomes Uncles apprentice after being able to make Jade her old single self.

The Curse Of El Chupacabra
El Toro needs Jackie's help to slay a mythical goat-eating monster, the Chupacabra. But when El Toro gets cursed to become a chupacabra himself, the goal switches from slaying the beast to breaking-the-curse.

Rumble In The Big House
When the Wind demon's portal is discover to be inside a prison, Jackie and the Dark Hand infiltrate the prison as prisoners in a race to get to the portal first.

Lost City Of The Muntabs
Jackie and Jade guide a whiny, rich museum patron thru the African bush, in search of ruins from the legendary Lost City of the Muntabs, only to discover it still exists, hidden behind a cloak of invisibility. Our group is captured and Jackie must survive the Cave of Truth to prove he's pure of heart. As Jade befriends Abila, a young Muntab girl, Smith discovers the Muntab's secret of immortality: the Chalice of Life. Smith steals the Chalice, which Jackie and Jade must get back before the Muntabs age and turn to dust.

And He Does His Own Stunts
Jackie heads to Hollywood to defeat the Thunder demon. Meanwhile, Jade tries to wheel and deal in Hollywood as Jackie's agent.

Showdown In The Old West
In an Old West Ghost Town, Jackie finds a faded pulp novel and reads the story of his ancestor who lived in the old west. In the story, Old West Jackie is appointed sheriff by Mayor Valmont who, along with bad guys Ratso and Finn, and mineshaft-bound Shendu, is planning a big crime, and thinks Jackie'll be their patsy. But with the help of Old West Jade and Uncle, Jackie cleans up the town, foils a heist and defeats the bad guys in a big showdown.

Queen Of Shadowkhan
Jade's fake tattoo of an evil symbol gives her control over the Shadowkhan and causes a strange and evil transformation in her as well.

Jackie reluctantly calls on the help of Viper to foil Origami, an art thief with the unusual talent of being able to fold himself up into impossible positions or shapes, just like a piece of origami paper.

Shanghai Moon
Jackie and Jade follow the Enforcers into space where they hope to find the Portal for the Moon demon. Tohru is sent to space in a second shuttle to cast the Chi Spell on the Demon.

The Lotus Temple
Being led by a comically deadpan Monk, Jackie and Jade are searching for the mysterious Lotus Temple. Jade befriends a little girl, (Xu-Lin) who became trapped in the Temple long ago. Against her will, the girl has become the Temple Guardian and now unwillingly transforms into a frightful monster in order to protect the Temple from intruders. Jade wants to save the Xu-Lin from her magical prison, but Jackie has his hands full with the Monk.

Armor Of The Gods
Jackie recovers an armor from one of the eight inmortal soverens and follows the Dark Hand to Spain.

Agent Tag
Jade decides to secretively follow along with a Section-13 agent, code-named TAG. Tag is hunting a criminal kingpin named SKIP, who has always skipped past Section-13's every attempt at capture. In fact, Tag and Skip have never met face-to-face. Jackie discovers Jade is gone but quickly figures out she followed Section-13's super-spy, and he heads after her. But in a case of mistaken-identity, Skip apprehends Jackie thinking he's his nemesis Tag.

Tale Of The Demon Tail
The Sky demon must retrieve its tail from Uncle's shop without having Uncle and Jackie sending him back through the portal. Jade befriends Seymour, who is really the Sky demon in disguise.

The Return Of The Pussycat
Jade uses the yin-yang talisman to split Jackie into his Dark and Lite personas, so one can attend her school play while the other fullfills Jackie's archaeological exploration commitments. The yin-yang talisman is featured.

Scout's Honor
A necklace with teleportation powers gives Jackie and Jade a camping trip they'll never forget.

Danger In The Deep Freeze
Jackie is summoned to a remote outpost in the Arctic, where a geologist has discovered a frozen prehistoric Iceman. After Jackie brings the Iceman back to the lab, Jade covertly thaws him out. Despite Jackie's chastisement, Jade befriends Iceman who turns out to be a gentle innocent, like a big ape. But the creature's safety is jeopardized when black marketeer Pete Bailey convinces some Inuits that Iceman is dangerous and must be captured. Now Jade and Jackie must convince the Inuits that Bailey is up to no good, and rescue the Iceman.

Into The Mouth Of Evil
Travelling to India for a conference, Jackie is unwittingly made the courier of a dangerous artifact (an Evil Sutra) when it's put in his mouth disguised as a dental filling. Legend says when the Sutra is dropped into the Ganges, the river will dry up -- allowing a corrupt trio of archaeologists to help themselves to untold riches on the river bed. Jackie is chased by both good guys and bad guys who want to get to his mouth, culminating in the Evil Sutra falling down a drain. Jackie and Jade must thwart the bad guys and race thru the sewer system to find the tiny Evil Sutra before it hits the river.

The King And Jade
When Jackie is asked to bodyguard a visiting boy king from Tangra, Jade doesn't wanna miss out, so she swipes the Snake Talisman and tags along. Meanwhile, a duo try to kidnap the king for ransom. Invisible Jade is discovered by the boy king, who then swipes the talisman. Jade finds him shows him a day on the town like he'll never forget. That is until a furious Jackie busts her and kidnappers finally nab the king. Jackie has to rescue the king while Invisible Jade exposes the traitor in the king's inner circle.

The New Atlantis
Jackie must stop the Water demon from creating her new underwater kingdom by sinking a city. With Shendu temporarily dormant in his body, Valmont turns to Jackie and Uncle to help rid him of the spirit. Jade is accidently caught up in the portal closing and ends up in the demon realm.

The Eighth Door
Jackie must find the Eighth Demon Door using the Pan Ku Box in order to save Jade who was sucked into a Demon portal and trapped in the Demon netherworld.

Demon World, Part 1
Shendu gets a hold of the Book of Ages and rewrites history, creating an alternate world. Only Jade knows that history has been changed and it is left up to her to fix things. She turns to Alternate-present Jackie for help, but he's Shendu's faithful food servant.

Demon World, Part 2
Shendu gets a hold of the Book of Ages and rewrites history, creating an alternate world. Only Jade knows that history has been changed and it is left up to her to fix things. She turns to Alternate-present Jackie for help, but he's Shendu's faithful food servant.

Enter The Cat
Jackie crosses paths with Valmont while searching for a legendary Cat statue in Morocco. Valmont is scratched by the statue while attempting to take it from Jackie, and starts transforming into a cat-man. A local Kingpin to whom Valmont was going to sell the statue, enprisons Jackie, leaving Jade to find the statue for Jackie's release. In taking the statue from Valmont, Jade is also pricked by Cat and starts her transformation. Can Jackie save Jade and keep Valmont from creating an army of cat-man warriors?

Pleasure Cruise
Jackie is escorting an artifact to Hong Kong on a cruise ship, and invites Uncle, Jade and Tohru along. Tohru asks to bring a guest. Just as the ship is about to get underway, Uncle balks that the guest is Tohru's Mother! Meanwhile, theives on board plan to steal the artifact Jackie is escorting. Taking the ship hostage, the thieves manage to break into the vault but damage the ship, causing it to start to sink. Jackie and Jade 'save' the ship with the Healing Tailsman, while Mom and Uncle stop the bad guys from escaping.

Tough Luck
Jackie must return the Emerald of Kilarney to Ireland in order to break the bad-luck curse it holds. Meanwhile, Finn has formed a new gang and is determined to have the emerald for his own.

The Chosen One
A group of monks think Tohru is the Chosen One. Jade counsels Tohru who is uncertain about wanting to be the Chosen One.

Glove Story
When magic gloves with a mind of their own begin stealing things the blame falls onto Tohru. He's further incriminated when the gloves take control of him.

The Chan Who Knew Too Much
Jackie and Jade stumble upon a secret cult of magic users in England, who believe that Jackie has over heard their plot to destroy civilization as we know it. Jackie knows nothing of their plot, but can not convince the cult of that as he and Jade scramble for safety throughout London.

Chi Vampire
While battling a Chi Vampire in China, Thoru, Jade and Uncle are forced to share each other's chi (and personalities). Jackie must vanquish the demon and release the stolen chi in order to return everyone to normal.

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