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Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Search For The Dragon
    Life gets truly strange for Kit Taylor when his missing father appears in a mirror to tell him to look for the Dragon and Kit finds a weird deck of Advent Cards. Suddenly monsters are appearing in every mirror and window and abducting people. Kit rushes to the aid of Maya, a cute reporter under attack by these mirror monsters, only to be pushed aside by a mysterious hero.

  • Contact With The Dragon
    Kit and the mysterious hero escape the dragon, but then get separated; Len must stop a monster from kidnapping an innocent victim.

  • Kamen Rider Incisor
    After becoming Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Kit Taylor is still trying to figure out what is going on, but everyone tells him a different story.

  • A Rider's Challenge
    Kit is shocked when he learns how final a Rider fight can be.

  • The Power Of Two
    Kit tells Len he doesn't want to be a Kamen Rider; Len asks Kit to help defeat Xaviax.

  • Kamen Rider Torque
    While separated from Len, Kit is attacked by a new rider.

  • Friend Or Foe
    Kit and Torque must defeat Xaviax and Len to get the cure for Kit's father's illness, but Len says there is no cure.

  • Kamen Rider Camo
    After siding with Torque, Kit helps him search for Len.

  • Kamen Rider Thrust
    Kit starts to have second thoughts about teaming up with Torque.

  • Battle Club
    Kit learns a shocking secret about the Advent Decks and tries to convince Kamen Rider Thrust that he is in a war, not a tournament.

  • Vent Or Be Vented
    Drew tries to convince Brad to help him fight against Xaviax, but later Xaviax finds Brad and says that he'll clear his name if Brad can vent Wing Knight.

  • Kamen Rider Sting
    Sting, before being known as Chris Ramirez, a discharged marine who was given an Advent Deck by Xaviax, attempts to arrest Kit. Meanwhile, Len and Brad continue to fight.

  • Thrill Of The Hunt
    Kamen Rider Thrust and Kamen Rider Sting discover that Xaviax has tricked them.

  • Xaviax's Promise
    Strike continues to hunt Torque; Sting makes a decision about Kit and Len.

  • The Many Faces Of Xaviax
    Len, Kit and Maya tell stories to get Chris caught up on everything he missed.

  • The Hero Of Gramercy Heights
    Chris has doubts about being a Kamen Rider after learning Xaviax was tricking him; Len and Kit search for JTC.

  • The Power Of Three
    Len, Chris and Kit decide to stick together as a team; JTC wants to meet Maya's friends on his terms.

  • The Brothers Cho
    Kit gets a job offer; Len is ambushed; Sting fights a mirror monster.

  • Semper Fi
    JTC asks Chris to join Xaviax; Albert and Chris get into a fight in a bookstore.

  • Letter From The Front Line
    Kit and Len blame themselves for Sting's predicament; unbeknownst to Maya, Lacey helps Michelle.

  • Strike's Ultimatum

  • A Rider's Resolve
    Against Xaviax's orders, Axe seeks revenge.

  • Kamen Rider Siren
    Kase challenges Kit to a fight; a mysterious rider attacks Kit.

  • Dark Temptation
    Kit battles with a mysterious nemesis in a dream.

  • Dropping The Axe
    Kamen Rider Onyx goes after Wing Knight and Siren; Kit decides to go after Xaviax.

  • Kamen Rider Wrath
    Wrath and Strike attack Wing Knight and Siren; mysterious agents kidnap Kit in the hospital.

  • Attack Of The No Men
    Maya recruits Trent and his friends to hack into the No Men's system; Len and Kase must deal with dangerous enemies without Kit's help.

  • A Dragon Caged
    Len, Kase and Maya break into the No Men base to rescue Kit, who finds a way out on his own; Kit must fight Strike and Wrath by himself.

  • Calm Before The Storm
    The group vows to protect Ventara and Earth.

  • Swan Song
    Strike creates a powerful hybrid monster.

  • Xaviax's Wrath
    Wing Knight is determined to avenge Kase.

  • Advent Master Returns
    Xaviax spreads teleporting devices all over the planet.

  • Out Of The Void
    Adam tries to win the other riders' trust by joining them in battle; the riders track down Xaviak's teleportation devices.

  • Back In Black
    Kit returns from Advent Void and meets Adam, his mirror twin.

  • A Hero's Fall
    Eubulon and Len argue about Adam; Adam talks about how Xaviax tricked him.

  • Dark Deception
    Xaviax disguises himself to look like Eubulon and attacks Adam.

  • The Enemy Within
    The Kamen Riders attempt to shut down Xaviax's transmitters, but a fight breaks out between Len and Adam when they are sent to disable the final machine.
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