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DescriptionShow Description    

Kappa MikeyKappa Mikey premiered on NICK on February 25, 2006. Mikey Simon is a teenage actor from Cleveland, Ohio who embarks to Japan after winning a scratch-off card contest to star in the country's formerly popular anime series, LilyMu, and in doing this rockets the show back to the top of the ratings and becomes Japan's biggest anime star. Segments of LilyMu are seen at the beginning and end of each episode, but the show focuses primarily on the actors' and producers' lives off-set and Mikey's adjustments to the new world he has entered.

Voice Cast    
Mikey Simon
Michael Sinterniklaas
Annice Moriarty
Evelyn Lanto
Sean Schemmel
Stephen Moverley
The Yes Man
Jesse Adams
Gary Mack
Season 1 (2006-2007)
(26 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Switch (Original Air Date 2/25/2006)
  2. Mikey Impossible (Original Air Date 2/25/2006)
  3. Ship Of Fools (Original Air Date 3/4/2006)
  4. Saving Face (Original Air Date 3/11/2006)
  5. The Fugi-Kid (Original Air Date 3/18/2006)
  6. Mikey Likes It: Garbage (Original Air Date 3/25/2006)
  7. Easy Come, Easy Gonard (Original Air Date 5/27/2006)
  8. Lily Meow (Original Air Date 7/3/2006)
  9. The Good, The Bad, And The Mikey (Original Air Date 7/8/2006)
  10. The Sumo Of All Fears (Original Air Date 8/25/2006)
  11. Lost In Transportation (Original Air Date 3/18/2006)
  12. Splashomon (Original Air Date 8/27/2006)
  13. Big Trouble In Little Tokyo (Original Air Date 9/3/2006)
  14. The Phantom Of The Soundstage (Original Air Date 10/28/2006)
  15. Battle Of The Band (Original Air Date 11/4/2006)
  16. La Cage Aux Mikey (Original Air Date 11/19/2006)
  17. Reality Bites (Original Air Date 12/3/2006)
  18. A Christmas Mikey (Original Air Date 12/7/2006)
  19. The Lost Pilot (Original Air Date 1/6/2007)
  20. With Fans Like These... (Original Air Date 2/18/2007)
  21. Big Brozu (Original Air Date 2/19/2007)
  22. The Man Who Would Be Mikey (Original Air Date 3/3/2007)
  23. Uh Oh, Guano (Original Air Date 3/24/2007)
  24. Like Ozu, Like Son (Original Air Date 4/7/2007)
  25. La Femme Mitsuki (Original Air Date 4/21/2007)
  26. The Oni Express (Original Air Date 4/28/2007)
Season 2 (2007-2008)
(26 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Camp! (Original Air Date 6/9/2007)
  2. Free Squiddy (Original Air Date 6/10/2007)
  3. The Bracemaster (Original Air Date 6/16/2007)
  4. Hog Day Afternoon (Original Air Date 6/24/2007)
  5. Mikey At The Bat (Original Air Date 7/1/2007)
  6. Go Nard Hunting (Original Air Date 7/15/2007)
  7. Mikey, Kappa (Original Air Date 8/5/2007)
  8. Script Assassin (Original Air Date 8/12/2007)
  9. Mitsuki Vanishes (Original Air Date 8/19/2007)
  10. The Masked Tanuki (Original Air Date 8/26/2007)
  11. Back To School (Original Air Date 9/2/2007)
  12. Manic Monday (Original Air Date 9/9/2007)
  13. Mikey's Place (Original Air Date 9/16/2007)
  14. LilyBoo (Original Air Date 10/28/2007)
  15. Night Of The Werepuff (Original Air Date 10/28/2007)
  16. The Karaoke Episode, Part 1 (Original Air Date 2/16/2008)
  17. The Karaoke Episode, Part 2 (Original Air Date 2/16/2008)
  18. Mikey's Memoirs (Original Air Date 2/17/2008)
  19. Seven LilyMu (Original Air Date 2/24/2008)
  20. Mikey And The Pauper (Original Air Date 3/2/2008)
  21. The Clip Show (Original Air Date 3/9/2008)
  22. Tin Putt (Original Air Date 3/16/2008)
  23. Live LilyMu (Original Air Date 3/30/2008)
  24. Mitsuki Butterfly (Original Air Date 9/6/2008)
  25. Fashion Frenzy (Original Air Date 9/6/2008)
  26. The Wizard Of Ozu (Original Air Date 9/20/2008)

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