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Kung Fu Panda EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Scorpion's Sting
    While Po and Monkey race to find a cure for a sick Tigress, Monkey is hypnotized by the evil Scorpion.

  • The Princess And The Po
    Po, Tigress and Mantis must escort the Emperor's daughter on a peacemaking visit to the Qidan clan.

  • Sticky Situation
    Po accidentally destroys the training hall and seeks help from the original builder.

  • Chain Reaction
    Po and Tigress are attacked and chained together by bandits.

  • Fluttering Finger Mindslip
    Po discovers a secret move that causes temporary memory loss.

  • Good Croc Bad Croc
    Po agrees to return the favor after Fung the Croc bandit helps him.

  • Hometown Hero
    While visiting Mantis' hometown, Po discovers that his friend has not been telling the truth.

  • Jailhouse Panda
    Po goes undercover in a prison to learn where Tong Fo hid a dangerous weapon.

  • Owl Be Back
    Po worries that he may turn from good to bad.

  • Bad Po
    Po begins to act strangely after an incident with the Mystical Mirror of Yin and Yang.

  • Sight For Sore Eyes
    Po disobeys an order causing the downfall of the Shifu and the Furious 5.

  • Rhino's Revenge
    Po befriends a bitter rhino and helps him get back on his feet.

  • Master Ping
    Po must look after Taotie's son, whose loyalties are questionable.

  • Ghost Of Oogway
    Po and Shifu's relationship becomes strained when Oogway returns.

  • The Kung Fu Kid
    Shifu's con-artist dad visits his son and makes things awkward for Po.

  • Ladies Of The Shade
    Po unknowingly gets chummy with a gang of robbers, who are posing as dancers.

  • Big Bro Po
    Mr. Ping takes up residence at the Jade Palace after his noodle shop is ravaged.

  • Po Fans Out
    In order to impress his fan club, Po releases a supernatural creature called the Mongolian Fist Demon.

  • Challenge Day
    Po is shocked when Shifu informs him that today is Dragon Warrior Challenge Day.

  • My Favorite Yao
    Po helps Shifu channel his inner Po as they try to keep a visiting Kung Fu Master.

  • Hall Of Lame
    Po has to find an awesome trophy for the Hall of Heroes or risk being humiliated.

  • Father Crime
    When Shifu's father returns to the Jade Palace, Po thinks the family reunion will be so sweet.

  • In With The Old
    Po has to rely on a team of elderly Mahjong players for back-up.

  • Has-Been Hero
    Po's kung fu hero comes to town for an exhibition match.

  • Love Stings
    Po discovers that his father is dating his former enemy, Scorpion.

  • Hall Of Lame
    Po must find a Dragon Warrior trophy for the Hall of Heroes or he will be humiliated in front of the village.

  • Father Crime
    Po is caught in the middle when Shifu's father comes to town.

  • Monkey In The Middle
    The villagers are outraged over a rash of thefts in the Valley of Peace.

  • Kung Fu Day Care
    Tigress must babysit a child who has been separated from his parents.

  • The Most Dangerous Po
    While visiting a famous war hero, Po discovers that the retired general has lost his mind.

  • Crane On A Wire
    Po tries to help Crane regain his confidence after Crane is humiliated at a charity event.

  • Shifu's Back
    Po must sit in as master of the Jade Palace when Shifu hurts his back.

  • The Midnight Stranger
    When kung fu is outlawed, Po turns to donning a mask to fight crime.

  • The Break Up
    Po and Mr. Ping must make things right when two Croc Bandits have a spat.
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