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Kung Fu Panda EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Royal Pain
    Po trains a clumsy member of the royal family, who must soon use that training against a traitor.

  • The Most Dangerous Po
    Po visits a well-known war hero and discovers the veteran is a little cuckoo.

  • The Po Who Cried Ghost
    Po encounters hopping ghosts, creatures he's been terrified of since he was little.

  • Kung Shoes
    To heighten his kung fu abilities and get himself out of training with Shifu, Po buys magical shoes.

  • Bosom Enemies
    Taotie has a breakdown and decides to turn over a new leaf, and Po wants to help him transform.

  • Enter The Dragon, Part 1
    Po and his pals face a supernatural being who can't be defeated with kung-fu powers.

  • Enter The Dragon, Part 2
    Po and his pals face a supernatural being who can't be defeated with kung-fu powers.

  • Master And The Panda
    Po's the only one unhappy when Peng returns to town, because Po knows who Peng's uncle is.

  • Present Tense
    Po becomes a bounty hunter so he can earn extra cash and buy a nice gift for his father.

  • Invitation Only
    Po is excluded from a dinner party because of his bad table manners, so Shifu tries to give him etiquette training as well as advise him on how to fend off the evil Temutai.

  • Terra Cotta
    Fung tries to create menacing terra-cotta warriors by following ancient instructions he unearthed.

  • The Spirit Orbs Of Master Ding
    Master Ding's wicked spirit possesses Po, whom Tigress tries to save before Ding causes harm all over the land.

  • The Maltese Mantis
    Po and Mantis attend a fan convention, where Po gets overexcited.

  • Shoot The Messenger
    Po and Tigress try to prevent a messenger from delivering a scroll that could start a war.

  • A Tigress Tale
    Tigress goes to Garnet Palace to be a King Fu Master, but Po tries to persuade her to return home.

  • The Secret Museum Of Kung Fu
    Shifu leads an ill-fated road trip as Po and the Furious Five clash.

  • Bride Of Po
    Po rescues a gal from some outlaws, and then he discovers that she's the Dragon Warrior's fiancee.

  • Mama Told Me Not To Kung Fu
    Crane's mom visits and is unaware that he practices kung fu, which she detests, so Crane asks everyone to keep his secret.

  • Secret Admirer
    Po pranks Monkey with a fake love letter, but the jestful act winds up testing their friendship.

  • Qilin Time
    Po's dad takes him on bewildering excursion, but then Po realizes there's a point to the adventure.

  • Huge
    Mantis becomes huge after consuming a growth potion, but his new size has dangerous consequences.

  • Shifu's Ex
    Shifu's ex-girlfriend visits, and she's now his adversary, but Po wants the two of them to reunite.
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