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Kung Fu Panda EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Five Is Enough
    Master Chao visits to supervise a tournament, but Po suspects that Master Chao wants to replace him.

  • War Of The Noodles
    Hundun opens up a noodle shop of his own, and it negatively impacts Mr. Ping's business.

  • Mind Over Manners
    Po develops the ability to read minds after getting struck by lightning.

  • A Thousand And Twenty Questions
    Master Yao returns and offers to share his knowledge with those who expose him to new marvels.

  • The Way Of The Prawn
    Shifu seeks heroic help from a noble prawn, despite Po's protests.

  • Mouth Off
    Po takes a vow of silence based on Shifu's advice, but his silence ignites an armed conflict.

  • Serpent's Tooth
    Fu-xi goes to the dark side and attacks the villagers, and Viper considers joining him when the villagers display a negative attitude toward snakes.

  • The Goosefather
    Mr. Ping's noodle shop becomes a hangout for local thugs.

  • Po Picks A Pocket
    Po meets a group of orphans who are thieves and attempts to show them the error of their ways, but their leader tries to get Po to cross over to the dark side.

  • Croc You Like A Hurricane
    Shifu grows weary of Po's complaints, so he assigns him the task of training the Furious Five.

  • Crazy Little Ling Called Love
    Shifu's ex-girlfriend returns and reunites with him, but Po thinks she may have ulterior motives for this rekindled romance.

  • Kung Fu Club
    Po joins a fight club instead of shutting it down as instructed.

  • The Hunger Game
    The gang try to halt a famine caused by thieving rats, but Po's love of food could lead to trouble.

  • A Stitch In Time
    Fenghuang steals magical seeds from Po and puts the world at risk when he uses them to travel back in time.

  • The Eternal Chord
    Po needs to be reharmonized by means of musical kung fu, and time is of the essence, because Po must halt Yaoguai.

  • Apocalypse Yao
    Mystic secrets are stolen from Master Yao's head, so the master turns to Po for help.

  • The Real Dragon Warrior
    Po wants to expose a fraudulent Dragon Warrior, but doing so may cause trouble.

  • The Fast Five
    Po hosts a reunion for the First Furious Five, and Shifu's heroic legacy is questioned at the gathering.
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