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Kid vs. Kat EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Let The Games Begin
    10 year-old Coop Burtonburger's life is turned upside down by his baby sister's strange new cat.

  • Night Of The Zombie Kat
    After Coop defies Dad and stays up to watch a horror movie he finds that his home is invaded by Zombie cats.

  • Trespassers Will Be Persecuted
    When Old Lady Munson forbides Coop from stepping on her lawn, Kat makes sure that he does and gets in trouble.

  • Oh Me-Oh Meow
    Kat is forced to wear a special collar after constantly meowing.

  • Do Not Fort Sake Me
    Kat takes over Dennis and Coop's newly built tree fort.

  • Cookie D'uh
    Coop is accused of stealing Millie's Greenie Girl Cookies.

  • Nip/Duck
    What is Kat hiding on his X-rays?

  • Search And Destroy
    Coop's radio-controlled rescue helicopter.

  • Flu The Coop
    Tensions mount when Coop is forced to stay home from school and Kat is none too pleased.

  • Class Act
    Coop and Dennis use a magic trick to make Kat disappear... permanently.

  • Hypno Kat
    One of Kat's toys causes every cat in town to become hypnotized.

  • The Allergy
    Coop comes up with the perfect plan to get Kat out of the house. He convinces Dad that his intense allergy to Kat has become too much to handle.

  • Just Me And Glue
    Chaos ensues when Coop and Kat's hands are accidentally glued together.

  • You'll Be Show Sorry
    There's only one reason that Coop and Kat would team up to compete in a local cat show: a year's supply of cat food.

  • Dial B For Babysitter
    Kat sees an opportunity to kill three birds with one stone.

  • The Grass Is Always Meaner
    Coop wants to buy a Capt. Blasto Helmet.

  • How The Test Was Won
    Coop's having trouble studying for a big test.

  • I'm Okay You're A Kat
    A self-help motivational tape.

  • One Big, Happy Family
    Coop's attempt at proving to Dad that he is not the one causing the destruction may put his Dad and Millie in the line of fire.

  • Happy Campers
    Coop and Dennis' families compete in a camping challenge.

  • U.F. Float
    Kat makes an actual space ship float for the annual parade.

  • Play N'Ice
    A backyard ice rink causes problems for Kat.

  • House Of Scream
    Dad turns the House of Swap into a horror fun house.

  • Planter's Warp
    Kat applies super-fertilizer to all the plants.

  • Curse Of Tutankitty's Tomb
    Egyptian artifacts at the museum turn out to be high-tech relics from Kat's world.

  • Pet Peeved
    Coop tricks Kat into running away.

  • Beware The Were-Coop
    Dennis fears Coop will turn into a were-cat after being scratched by Kat.

  • Trick Or Treat
    Kat sets up a rendezvous with Cat Nebula.

  • Don't Give Me No Static
    Coop borrows one of Kat's weird machines without knowing what it does.

  • Storm Drained
    Coop is determined to win the baseball game against Timber Lake.

  • Fishy Frisky Business
    Coop must stop Kat from stealing Frisky Fishy Bits.

  • Teed Off
    Dennis and Coop's father encourages them to renew the tradition of the 'Round the Block Golf Challenge.'

  • Something Fishy In Owl Lake
    The Burtonburgers compete in a local fishing derby.

  • Dire Education
    Millie brings Kat to school and embarrasses him during show and tell.

  • Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat
    Coop turns to Dennis for martial arts lessons.

  • Tom-Kat Foolery
    Coop's over-the-top April Fool's Day prank makes the entire town disbelieve everything he says.

  • In Dog We Trust
    Coop's attempt to upset Kat by adopting a stray dog backfires.

  • Catch My Drift
    Kat overcomes his fear of snow to attend the Demolition Run tobogganing challenge Coop is participating in.

  • Suddenly Last Slammer
    The police catch Coop and his friends waking the neighborhood.

  • The Kitty Vanishes
    Kat learns to teleport himself.
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