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King Of The Hill EpisodesSeason 12    

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  • Dia-Bill-Ic Shock
    Bill, unwilling to change his sugary eating habits, is diagnosed with diabetes. After deciding to use a wheelchair (which he really doesn't need), he is befriended by a rugby player named Thunder, who teaches him how to be independent. But their friendship is strained when Thunder realizes Bill isn't really disabled.

  • Earthly Girls Are Easy
    When a local paper plans to run a story about Strickland Propane illegally dumping old propane tanks into the river, Hank suggests the company go green. Once the ladies of Arlen hear of the eco-efforts made by the company, Dale decides to make to help out Strickland with their carbon off-sets to garner the attention of the girls. To impress the ladies, Dale organizes an earth benefit concert that goes wrong.

  • Square-Footed Monster
    After Hank and the guys fix up the recently deceased Dotty Dwyer's house, Dotty's nephew sells the house to Ted Wassonasong. But when Ted has construction workers tear down the home to make way for a "McMansion," the Hill family and the rest of the neighborhood visit the City Council to protest the construction. When the Council denies their request, Hank and the gang take advantage of a severe storm and add a little punch to Mother Nature's wrath.

  • Lost In Myspace
    To boost business, Strickland Propane creates a MySpace page despite Hank's bad feelings about the idea. Mr. Strickland gives Donna full responsibility over the page, but when she goes overboard and posts personal videos and information, it creates tension between the employees.

  • No Bobby Left Behind
    When Principal Moss and the rest of the Tom Landry Middle School teachers must have students pass upcoming standardized tests or risk losing their jobs, Principal Moss has the low achievement kids (including Bobby) evaluated for "special needs" and encourages them to throw the evaluations. Bobby is then falsely identified as "special" and is placed in a class where he no longer has to do homework and doesn't have to take the standardized tests but the plan backfires.

  • A Bill Full Of Dollars
    Peggy tries to earn money for a new flat-screen TV by playing the stock market with Minh and Dale. When the three decide to study an "average man" after losing money on an initial investment, Bill becomes their guinea pig.

  • Straight As An Arrow
    When Bobby decides to become a member of the Order of the Straight Arrow, a boys' outdoor group, Hank decides to get involved as well. But when he bumps heads with the Arrowmaster, who happens to be a new resident of Arlen, this stirs up trouble with Peggy, who has volunteered to serve as the Welcome Wagon representative for the town.
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